New music: Beyoncé - Best thing I never had

Beyoncé - Best thing I never had | New music

Beyoncé is keeping shit moving, as yet another song from 4 surfaces. It would seem this is the new model for album releases now. Drop singles and iTunes exclusives in quick succession before the album itself releases.

"Best thing I never had" is the official second single from Beyoncé's fourth studio album, which is written by the R&B pen icon that is Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds (I thought this n***a was dead!) Of course Beyoncé is also credited as a songwriter, but we know full well she did not write a damn thing. Babyface will not say otherwise, unless he wants Darth Daddy Knowles on his case. Darth Knowles may no longer be Beyoncé's manager, but he'll still under hand a n***a to keep those cheques rolling into the Knowles trust fund.

Listen: Best thing I never had

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"Best thing I never had" sticks to a tried and tested formula by going the "Irreplaceable" route and laying that shit on thick with more growling, more screaming, mo' rawking out and a layer of fist pumping anthem...ness.

It sure is good to finally have a song from 4 I can get behind. The piano riff at the start has an eerie ring of familiarity (Bruce Hornsby's "The way it is" or Phil Collins anyone?) and the whole thing just has a classic 90's diva feel about it, with a slight Country twang. No re-inventions of the wheel by any means. But a great lil' song all the same.


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