New music: Kelly Rowland featuring Big Sean - Lay it on me

Kelly Rowland featuring Big Sean - Lay it on me | New music

Kelly Rowland sure is capitalizing on the 4 leak. Rightly so. She was the one who leaked the damn album in the first place. I bet that will be the last time Beyoncé gives her an advance copy of her studio album.

Listen: Lay it on me

Here I am
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"Lay it on me" adhere's to this current trend of Island vibe songs which Stargate and Ester Dean popularized with  Rihanna's "Rude boy", re-hashed for "What's my name?" and then recycled once again for Jennifer Lopez's "I'm into you". It would not surprise me in the slightest if Ester Dean turned out to be the writer of this song.

"Lay it on me" is generic, repetitive and that this Big Sean dude sounds like a cheap man's Drake - but I f**king love it I've spent the last hour shocking out to this shit. The song is infectious. It's just the type of song that the charts and radio would soak right up.

As much as I like this song, I am still concerned about the direction of this album of hers. Because there is very little cohesiveness between much of what we've heard from Kelly since "When love takes over". If if she thinks her album can fly with more than 50% of these leaks on the final track listing, then she's clearly not learned a damn thing from that Ms. Flop fiasco.


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