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Namie Amuro - Naked | New music

Namie's turning into a damn freak. It wouldn't come as such a shock if she didn't look so fed up, and have a face on her like she would never open her legs for you...EVER!! "Naked" is pretty tame in comparison to the filth of "Want me, want me" (which is still my jam). But the beat brings the filth, thanks to Shinichi Osawa who gave Namie that dance dirty for "Rock U".

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Fight together / Naked / Tempest
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I don't know what to think of this single. I honestly don't. I listen to it and go from thinking This is pretty damn hot to Wow...this is garbage. I do not know. So I'm going to have to stick with this until I can make up my mind one way or the other, or just wait on the music video. Although, if Namie's on the roll she's been on with her past few music video - then it will do nothing for the song what-so-ever and just make me hate it. This bitch is turning into Britney with the music videos as of late. Looking nice. No dancing. Lots of sitting down.

We'll see how this pans out and await to see what the third song "Tempest" brings to the table.


  1. Want me Want me is my jam too! haha I didn't know Namie could be a freak until I heard that song!! lol Its complete filth, but I love it! And It's funny you say that you don't know what to make of this song because I didn't either and still don't. I couldn't decide whether it was trash or hot...I guess the video will be the deciding factor. I want to see her slow grind and pussy pop, not like that want me want me video where she looked like she wanted someone to end her life.

  2. Don't like it, sounds one dimensional, which is how her recent music has been sounding to me.


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