New music: Nicola Roberts - Beat of my drum

Nicola Roberts - Beat of my drum | New music

Nicola Roberts may actually snatch some hair pieces. I liked what I'd heard in the behind the scenes look at recording the song a month back. I was on board with the teaser clip of the video which dropped yesterday. And now having heasrd this song in full, it's confirmed - Nicola's debut solo joint is a Summer smash.

"Beat of my drum" comes courtesy of Dimitri Tikovoi and Diplo. And I'll get this out of the way here and now. Beyoncé gave herself the raw end of the deal. And if you don't think Nicola throws Beyoncé under a London bus once you press play to this, then just wait for the break down. Forget "Hold it against me". Diplo shows how you break a f**ker DOWN!

Listen: Beat of my drum

Cinderella's eyes
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If Beyoncé had let Diplo craft some new ish for her, instead of completely trashing one of his existing jams, she could have gotten some hot crack like this. The beat is blazing - as most of Diplo's ish is. Nicola's vocals are very 'anybody' and the chorus is annoying. But it's a hot little pop track with a punch, which will catch everybody off guard; because nobody would have expected that chick in Girls aloud with the complexion of King Boo and the hair colour of Bowser from Super Mario to ever release anything like this.

Good going Nicola! Now make sure when you go for Cheryl's hair that you go at that shit with both hands. And wear some rings so they tangle her shit to extremes too.


  1. a lil noisy, but i like! :) she's definitely making a splash...and she has quite a different look! i'm intrigued...*goes to google and types in her name*


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