Christina Aguilera on dem "Moves like Jagger".

Christina Aguilera on the set of 'Moves like Jagger' | Snapped on set

Everybody is trying to claim this woman looks skinnier in this photo. I'mma keep it real with you super quick. No she don't. Chrissy still be eating food matching the collective net weight of all of the allocated copies of Bionic which were sent to stores and failed to sell. Including them website exclusive deluxe edition box sets.

I've got nothing against Chrissy packing extra weight. At least she looks well. Plus, in lieu of a broken down marriage a commercial failure of an album and some serious media backlash - I think home girl is entitled to get her snack on...and on...and on. But a lateral thigh trainer and a medicine ball here or there wouldn't hurt.

I love me "Moves like Jagger". Adam Levine is a freak and so is Christina. So it'll be cool to see if they have any chemistry in the video. I'm not expecting shit to sizzle like Adam and Rihanna did in the video for "If I never see your face again" though. Because the chemsitry in that video was just insane. Every time I watch it I feel like I shouldn't be, because shit is so intense. And I always wonder if Adam hit that. Sexually I mean. Not physically in the face like Chris Brown. Although Adam does grab a bitches head in that video...


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