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Crystal Kay - Cannonball | New music

Crystal contributed two songs to the J-drama Juunen saki mo kimi ni koishite back in August of last year. One of them made an appearance on Spin the music, the other didn't and kept floating around in snippet form - despite it sounding like a really hot track which would have complimented the album nicely. Yevon knows Spin the music could have done with more uptempo's. And "Cannonball" fits the bill nicely in exhibiting this new 80's driven, funky, rock tinged style Crystal's been on lately.

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Juunen saki mo kimi ni koishite soundtrack
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Light. Upbeat. Easy on the ears. And a little bit of a Michael Jackson "Beat it" meets "Unbreakable" stank mid way through. I love this song. The name is tragic though. Because it's what Crystal's career has been hit by. Think I'm lying? Spin the music has sold around 8,500 copies. That's roughly the same amount Kelis' Flesh tone pushed in the US its first week. Hot mess.

We have all the proof we need to hit Crystal's record label and management with a case of artist neglect and conspiracy to f**k up a bitches career. Because "Cannonball" has single potential and should have featured on a studio album, and not the last track on some J-drama soundtrack that can only be acquired by winning it at the end of the third episode.

Crystal Kay, if you happen to come past this post - please drop into my office. I'll manage the hell out of your damn career. I can't do a worse job than those folk you have running your shizzle at the moment. A damn shame.

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