Special edition: Crystal Kay - Ultraviolet

Crystal Kay - Ultraviolet [Random J pop exclusive!!] | Special edition

Seeing as Sony music and Epic records aren't doing a damn thing to commemorate Crystal's 12th year in the music biz, I'll do something instead! Here's a Random J Pop exclusive special edition dedicated to my favourite, silky voiced J-chick. The set features a collection of songs from various albums, some B-sides and a track or two some of you may or may not have heard before.

  1. Love don't cry featuring M-Flo
  2. Love or game
  3. Namida no saki ni
  4. Suki
  5. Girl move on
  6. Girlfriend featuring BoA
  7. Over and over
  8. Step by step
  9. Never say goodbye
  10. Hero
  11. Snowflake
  12. Deaeta kiseki
  13. After love featuring Kaname of Chemistry
  14. One
  15. Human nature (Live acoustic Michael Jackson cover)

Be sure to listen to some of the familiar named tracks on here, as some of the versions may be different from those of which you're wholly familiar with... You can't see me, but I'm winking and nudging profusely. Harry 12th anniversary Crystal Kay!! Please don't hate me for putting this shit out for free. Even if your peeps at Sony music charged money for this, it wouldn't make you any Yen anyway. Not if those Spin the music sales figures are anything to go by.


  1. Thank you! I love CK too. She is blonde now by the way. Sorry to state the obvious.

  2. If you did your mix thing to any of the songs like you did with Timbaland's "Miscommunication," this is a must download. I'm gonna give it a listen! Thanks, J!

  3. @Sleepy-Genius
    "She is blonde now by the way. Sorry to state the obvious."

    And this makes a difference and is relevant because...

  4. Wow... just, wow. I have never heard some of these remixes and tracks before. And, I'm almost fairly sure I kept up with every release. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks J. Looking forward to hearing this.

  6. CK was one of the first chicks I listened to when I first got into Jpop but haven't listened to her for ages.... reckon this might be a good way to get back into her stuff. Thank you very much ^^

  7. I only remember liking FLASH and Girlfriend from CK but you speak quite highly of her and I'd seen posts on her on Arama, Tokyohive, etc but i could never actually drag my lazy ass to YouTube to listen to some of her material. Figure I'll just listen to this for a few days and see if I like her. Much obliged

  8. Is this still available to download? I'd like those missing songs in my collection!

  9. @ Tom:
    *cough*Clicktheimage*cough* ;)


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