New music: Mademoiselle Yulia - Gimme gimme

Mademoiselle Yulia - Gimme gimme | New music

After years of spinning other people's tracks and making a name for herself doing so - Mademoiselle Yulia is finally making her own musical debut with her holla-for-dolla golddigging anthem "Gimme gimme". I won't judge a bitch. Because I pretty much want all the shit she asks for in this song for free too.

Listen: Gimme gimme

Gimme gimme [Digital single]
© 2011 KOZM agency / EMI music Japan

Nicki Minaj can sit down for a hot minute. There's a chick on the scene who kills her green wig looks DEAD and is dropping hot pop ditties which have me addicted like crack. "Massive attack" who!? Girl, bye. She's lucky Mademoiselle Yulia's english is gangsta. Otherwise she'd have her pink wig collection under her foot, and I don't care how correct her verse on Kanye's "Monster" was.


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