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Beni - Crazy girl | New music

Beni is coming for the clubs in a way she hasn't before. People called her out for staying with the same old sound for her past 2 singles and she's taken note.

Listen: Crazy girl

Koe wo kikasete / Crazy girl
© 2011 Nayutawave records, Universal music group

The sound of this song is nothing new. We've heard near enough every female in pop work a song like this in some form. And even though Rihanna was far from the first to go this route, "Crazy girl" rings with the familiarity of "Only girl (in the world)" and also "S&M". But if you ask me, Beni shuts both songs down with this. I love it.

My main gripe is with Beni's vocals. She sounds good. And it's refreshing to hear a vocalist on a song like this void of any vocal effects. But I really think vocal effects and vocal production are what this song is missing. I've got nothing against vocal trickery if it makes a song better. And I wouldn't throw Beni under a shinakensen for it, because I know the girl can sing and hold her own. The thing with Beni's vocals is that they sound so plain on a song like this without any harmonies or vocal effects.

"Crazy girl" is still a blazing song and is just the type of re-invigoration to her sound that she needed.


  1. would love to hear this in the clubs!

  2. Putting this song in my playlist chock full of heavy bass & synth pop songs by Britney, Riri, Namie, BoA, Kylie, etc.



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