New music: Coldplay featuring Rihanna - Princess of China

Coldplay featuring Rihanna - Princess of China | New music

Chris Martin let his giant foreheaded Cat out of the bag some time ago, when he revealed that the Bajan pigeon otherwise known as The Forehead aka Forehead Fenty aka Raggedy Robin aka Rihanna. The song is "Princess of China" (named after the continent largest in comparable size to Rihanna's forehead) and it goes HARD for a Coldplay joint. If you're checking this out from a phone and you've got some good headphones or you're at home on a PC with a good sound system, crank this up. This beat knocks nicely.

Listen: Princess of China

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Usually when the Bajan pigeon features on a song, her vocals punctuate it to so strong to the point where you can't fathom the song without her. But I didn't feel that here/ The song would not have been any better or worse off without her. But oddly, I also feel as though had this song been given to the Bajan pigeon with Chris just making vocal appearances on the hook, that the song equally would have been no worse or not better. Which begs the question - did Coldplay want Rihanna on the song because they felt it needed her, or because they knew their music would reach a demographic who normally would not fart on them simply by putting her into the mix? We all know the answer to that one. I love the beat on this though, which is what sells the whole song, at least to me anyway.

With "Princess of China" featuring the Bajan pigeon who seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to singles chart positions, let's all see how long it takes for Coldplay to release this as a single.


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