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Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris - We found love | New music

The Bajan pigeon aka Rihanna has a new single out. Not from Loud. But a new album which is due out in November. No re-release. A FULL BLOWN NEW ALBUM! Why is it always the bitches you don't care about that drop albums every year, whilst the ones you need an album from make you wait three?!

The Bajan pigeon has teamed up with Calvin Harris for her Euro club ditty that is "We found love". The song is boring, uninspired and generic. But of course, with Rihanna being tied to it, it will be a hit.

Listen: We found love

Talk that talk
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Calvin Harris has fallen off as of late. With his last 2 albums, he could do no wrong in my eyes. But ever since wrapping Ready for the weekend, 90% of what he's done, I've not liked because it's either:

a) Crap
b) A diluted re-hash of what he'd done before

The only song he's had a hand in over the past year which I've liked is Kylie Minogue's "Too much". Aside from that? Not feeling a thing Calvin's done. He shoul dhave come much better than this for Rihanna an dhe knows it. But then again, he probabaly figured no matter what he gave her it'd be a hit anyway. And just for his name to be tied to a superstar like Rihanna has his future guranteed, as well as the US exposure every UK music head dreams of. So it's good all round for both. I still think this song is utter trash though. It's f**king awful.

We found love and he punched muh face. We found love and he puuuuunched myyyyy faaaace!


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