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Crystal Kay - Superman | New music

"Superman" isn't much of a departure from what Crystal has done before. Although given the lukewarm reaction to Spin the music and Flash, this may be a good thing. Many were on board with Crystal trying something a bit new, but were also missing that classic CK sound which built her fan base. Crystal's feeling you, because she ran straight back to that sound so fast that she left red hair pieces on the floor with "Superman". The wigs in the video are to cover the bald patches.

Listen: Superman

Superman [CD single]
© 2011 Delicious deli records, Universal music Japan

I love this song. It's nothing new and could be a track on any album of she's released over the past 4 years. But I will throw a mince pie in anybody's face who tells me this song is not hot.

"Superman" is a nice bit of re-affirmation as a fan of how much control Crystal actually has over her sound. Because despite working with so many different producers and song writers over the course of her 10 year career, her sound on the whole has been pretty consistent. And even with a label change, her sound is still intact and as hot as it ever was. A sigh of relief to those wondering if CK's music would take a turn having left Sony.

I know it's a long way off, but I'm feenin' for a new CK album so bad right now. I've been playing the absolute shit out of All yours as of late. All yours = A damn classic. If you've not checked this album out, then you need to. "Konna ni chikaku de..." is the best thing ever. Crystal throws US R&B under a truck with "I wanna be". And "Escalator"...sweet soul of Yevon, I just can't...

Watch the music video: Crystal busts a move


  1. This song is hot. She never fails to deliver with the singles. I need a new Crystal Kay release now too. I guess superman and its b side, plus the new tracks on the love song best are going to have to carry me over until her next album drops. It's always the artists I like the most that take FOREVER to release new material.

  2. I completely agree with you J and Melvin R! This is a great track with some signature Crystal style. I hope I don't have to wait too long for a new album or I may need to fly to Japan and force Crystal to sing for me live. After I do that, I will be sure to have all of her albums including "All Yours" ("I wanna be" and "Butterfly's Garden" are like smooth lyrical crack to me right now) geared up on my iPod and ready to go because they will be on repeat as I sit in my prison cell after I am arrested for my crimes against Kuri.

    I also hope that this new label is going to take Crystal in a new direction in terms of her production and promotion because she is too good to be scrapping the bottom of the J-pop barrel of artists. I need her to start snatching some of these half-talented hoochie's crowns and wigs because her talent cannot, will not, and shall not be denied any longer. In the next ten years, I expect her to have a string of number 1 hits and a few more English albums under her belt or there are going to be some consequences and repercussions for the responsible parties. I should get my voodoo dolls ready now. LOL

  3. I just want to say thank you for introducing me to Crystal Kay, i've been reading your blog for a while now and seen how much you love her, but i never really bothered listening to her, until Superman. AMAZING TRACK! (; i sent a cover i made to her on Twitter and she replied! this is the first time a celebrity have ever commented on something i've made. And for that i just want to say thank you, cause i would never have known about her if i didn't read your blog.

    What albums can you recommend? I really wanna listen to her now.

  4. @ Benjamin
    I saw your picture, great job. Very simple and elegant.

  5. I LOVE this song, i liked the stuff on "FLASH" and "Spin the music" too and it was cool she was trying something new but i do prefer her more R&B stuff and this is exactly what i wanted and judging by the response what others did too :D
    It's actually one of my faves by her ever :)

    @Melvin R, are there any new tracks on "LSB"? i think it's just a collection thrown together by Sony to cash in.

    @Benjamin, She replied to me too :D i was so happy lol

  6. @ThatBoyLuke Yeah I believe My Dear is included on the Track List, which has never been released. I heard a low quality version of it, and is sounds pretty good. But for the most part it really just is a bunch of songs that seem to be thrown together in no particular order.

  7. @ Benjamin
    Ahhh, so that was YOUR handiwork! Congrats buddy :)

    Thanks for the comment Benjamin. It means a lot. Crystal's replied to a couple of my tweets too. We're like BFF's now. We met for tea when she was in London and she's been harassing me with DM's to holla at her when I'm next in Yokohama *lol*

    My personal favourite CK album is 'All yours'. So I'd force anybody and everybody to check that album out. If you love "Superman", you won't know what to do with yourself with some of the material on the album. I listen to songs off of it regularly. Like...ERRRDAY!

    You're in a nice position Benjamin. Because with Crystal having released a 'Best' ('Greatest hits') album 2 years ago and another compilation album due to drop, you could just cop those for a nice selection of music which spans her whole career.

    I put together a little something of Crystal's a while back, which should tide you over too ;) - Crystal Kay - Ultraviolet

  8. Thanks! i'm still in shock haha, i also have a cover for Flash( but that's all i've made so far.
    And wow that is so cool! that must be hella awesome lol, she's seems like a fantastic person (:

    I'll be sure to check out All Yours then, i'm not really a fan of greatest hits albums since i prefer listening to each album as a whole, it flows better in my opinion.

    I adore your Ultraviolet cover btw, you made a incredibly dull picture flawless, i especially love the red hair since it reminds me of her Journey single cover! (:

    Anyways, i'll check the album out right away! i think it's gonna be really nice listening to some more R&B flavored music for once, i usually only listen to Ayu & Namie so this will be interesting (: thank you so much J!


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