New music: Kumi Koda - Love me back

Kumi Koda - Love me back | New music

Kumi Koda has a new single. As much of a shock as hearing that Beyonce's stolen somebody's song, stage performance, music video concept and dance routine.

"Love me back" is pretty much what you'd expect from Kumi Kehovah, which means you'll either think it's the bestest thing ever or a complete step back into a pile of doo-doo. There is no in-between with this woman, unless it involves her legs.

Listen: Love me back

Take me back [CD single]
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Kumi is officially the ambassador of Engrish. She's getting worse. I couldn't even make out what she was singing. I think she's just plain making up her own language now. Until Oxofrd, Collins or Lonely planet pin the language down, we'll just call it Kodanese.

I'm beginning to get really sick of Kumi and her inconsistent single releases, with the only consistency being...the inconsistencies in quality. 4 times was a pretty weak offering on the whole and the timing of the release was all wrong. But "In the air" and "Ko-so-ko-so" were hot songs which signalled a nice change in direction for Kumi, whilst still staying true to what works for her. So to hear a regression with "Love me back" is pretty disappointing. Kumi always reverts back to the common denominator, which is to sex up a song and give us the same ol', same ol'. And the formula is wearing as thin as her natural hair.


Nait Phoenix said…
"Ambassador of Engrish"? That just made my day. Thank you, J.
lilithdarkstorm said…
Ha ha! I had to look up the lyrics myself as I swear 'sapphire' sounded like 'suffer'

The song has grown on me but I'm more interested the video, the sexy police look has been done before but hey - she looks good in it!
Anonymous said…
I think this sums it up pretty well.
"The PV had better be cracking. I'm expecting skank outfits and pussy popping for a song like this."

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ThatBoyLuke said…
ugh... it's ok but seriously i can guarantee that she will release some random lame singles and there will be some amazing songs on the album that would have slayed as singles.
Anonymous said…
Koda Kumi needs to rest her tired body.. am sorry! FAIL

Every second you look this girl is putting out a single, and it all sounds the same after a while. Just shut up already! Geesh
ookiifan said…
I do no agree with the previous comment. Koda Kumi never sound the same. And she does not need to rest. Her new album will be released on Feb 1,2012. Her pattern is one album before spring. I hope she will release one more after summer.