Christina Aguilera leaks at Etta James' funeral

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Christina Beanbaguilera made an appearance at Etta James' funeral to say a few words and perform one of Etta's most well known and oft covered songs "At last". A song Christina had masterfully performed on numerous occasions on her Back to basics tour. However, this performance took a back seat to the question of What the f**k is that dripping down Christina's legs!? What a girl wants, what a girls needs is to not hit up a funeral and bleed from her vagina and down her leg.

Fans are jumping to Christina's defence to say that this must be spray tan, as there's no way she could ever hit up Etta James' funeral with no knickers or a sanitary towel. Not baring in mind that Christina is filth and was grinding on her knees in a men's urinal in 2 inches of what was probably piss in her "Dirrty" video 9 years ago.

It really doesn't matter whether Christina was leaking spray tan or blood. The fact is that home girl had something running down from the in-between of her legs at somebodies funeral on live national TV and that just ain't right.

I won't be playing "Woohoo" for a good while.


  1. Very interesting news you wrote here. I am still waiting for your review on Koda Kumi's new album.

  2. This is so lame, i get that people think it's "funny" but it was still Etta's funeral and whether it did or didn't happen it's dissrespectful (IMO) to take away from Etta's funeral just to get a cheap shot at Xtina.
    This was obviously fake than it it was there at all, all the images from Getty Images do not have the liquid on them at all so it could just as easily be fake...

    P.S If "Japonesque" flops i'm patenting "FLOPonesque". #NoShade

    1. You're being hypocritical. Because I know for a fact if this had happened to Beyoncé or Lady Gaga you would have been the FIRST to throw shade and make jokes and then cuss out stans for jumping to their defence. So what exactly makes you any different as a Christina stan to a Lady Gaga or Beyoncé stan? It's a real thin line from what I can see.

      As for the whole "this is fake", NAH MATE! In the video when you can clearly see her trying to wipe her leg. Either it's fake tan or it's just fake. Make up your mind.

      Nobody is disrespecting Etta James' memory or taking 'cheap shots'. There are photos of her on stage with liquid running down her leg. What are you expecting people to say / think!?

    2. If it had happened to Gaga or Bey i would have said "the bitch had fake tan (which it blatantly is) running down her leg, had a laugh and left it at that. I wouldn't have gone round saying it was period juice and then tried to overshadow Etta's whole funeral with that fake story either. #FACT
      I'm not saying people couldn't have had a laugh at the fake tan but trying to make out it was period blood is just pathetic and IS disrespectful to Etta's big day IMO.

    3. Luke please. If Beyoncé had been at that funeral singing "At last" with liquid running down her leg, you would have cracked some shit about her pussy bleeding because she pops it so much and then dropped shade that Christina should have been performing and not her. Don't try and take the diplomatic high road now. My Twitter timeline gets populated with your shade to know how you roll when it comes to these hoes you love / hate.

  3. It's obviously FAKE TAN!!! She was probably really nervous and sweating bad.

  4. nooooooo! I would have taken the piss but i would have been saying what it is, FAKE TAN... and yes i would have went in if Bey was performing and not Xtina lmao and if it was Gaga i'd say nothing because i wouldn't put it past that HOE to menstruate all over the priest lol

  5. How about this:

    Juice or no juice, she looks awful in this picture.

    'Nuff said.

  6. Bahaha @ this convo. Talking about disrespect, don't you think it's a little bit inappropriate for beanbaguliera to have her titties spilling out of her top during a funeral with a rosary nestled between them? (let alone dripping unidentified fluid all over the place) You think she would go with a much classier approach, but I see she just couldn't resist scanking up the place and drawing attention to herself. I give her credit for ditching the fish nets though as well as wearing a knee length skirt.


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