Christina Aguilera set to "F**k your body" and crush that shit.

Christina Aguilera...doin' it big | Hot mess

Christina is in the process of recording her fifth studio album and it's lead single is supposedly done and dusted. Rumours are abound that Christina will kick off her fifth studio album with the lead single "Love your body". Fans needn't worry that Chrissy will be going all "Beautiful" and 'love yourself' with an esteem building single. The original version of the song is said to be titled "F**k your body" - so it'll be Chrissy singing up a skank storm as usual. She obviously didn't learn her lesson from "Not myself tonight". But then again, this is all speculation for now.

Christina Beanbaguilera has also been coming under serious fire as of late due to her ballooning body shape. People made jokes at what the hell Christina was doing at the Skyrim launch party a couple of months ago, but the woman looks like she's been on that game daily and nightly, along with some side sessions of Dark souls.

Big can be sexy, but Christina is going to need to fix up her image pronto before this new single of hers drops. Because no amount of fish eye lenses and long shots is going to make her look good in a video unless she sorts our her style. I've not got a problem with Christina's weight. I have a problem with how she dresses it, because it makes my soul cry every time I see it. Bitch dresses it WRONG. Outfits two sizes too small, fishnet tights having her legs looking like honey baked ham and titties overspilling like milk left in a saucepan on a gas mark 5 - it's too tragic. She also needs to fix up them weaves. Somebody needs to throw Christina a scrap book of her looks during her Back to basics era, because this was the one and only point in her career when her style was on point and she looked good. Her Bionic era looks started off good, but then the style fell off like those album sales.


  1. She really needs to stop wearing those fishnets. Her legs look like those Ham hocks you can find hanging in your local butcher's freezer. And what is up with her face lately?... it looks so bloated and swollen.


  3. Honey baked hams, LMAO.

    If she would just dress appropriately for her shape she would look so much better. Money doesn't equal good taste unfortunately.

    1. Christina's figure shows she's been catching a whole lot of 'good taste'.

  4. When I first saw the picture above the entry, I nearly fell out of my chair. I can't believe her legs and thighs are that size. I guess metabolism does slow down as you age...

    Anyway I hope her next album actually finds an audience because "Bionic" was definitely an ugly blemish in her career.

  5. Bionic was just tragic. Christina knows she's going to have to drop something hot this year. None of this 4 year gaps in-between albums shit. She's also going to have to fix up her attitude. Catching a gym membership wouldn't hurt neither.

  6. Bionic was actually an average album, just plagued by bad press and poor single choices. (Listen to "Glam" and tell me that song isn't fierce!)

    But I don't doubt she'll be back in form (physically and otherwise) for the next album.


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