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Chris Brown - Turn up the music | New music

After seeing success with songs such as "Yeah x 3" and "Beautiful people", Chris Brown seems to be placing himself as a permanent fixture for the euro house sound - along with every other n***a who was once R&B.

"Turn up the music" is produced by The Underdogs, who were one of the few production teams who seemed to be avoiding the Euro dance sound and holding it down for R&B. After realizing no n***a was hollering at them for tracks and were instead BB messaging RedOne and Dr. Luke for beats, they've relented and are now on the same f**king sound everybody else is on.

The Underdogs have always been meticulous producers. So the production on this song is air tight. But the song as a whole is completely generic. The verses are hot. But the lack of a coherent and catchy chorus makes this song neither here nor there. The Bajan pigeon came for the European clubs much better with "We found love" - which is a masterpiece compared to this on about every level. And was possibly an influence on this song, as certain sections sound a bit like it.

Listen: Turn up the music

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