New music: Crystal Kay - Haru arashi | ハルアラシ

Crystal Kay - Haru arashi | New music

Having thought that "Haru arashi" was going to be a ballad, I was surprised to hear it start off with a set of house chords. With Crystal Kay switching labels on the sly, catching us off guard with "Superman" and then killing faves and fans outright with "Delicious na kinyoubi", I should have been prepared for Crystal to go upside my head with this song. This bitch has tricks in the bag. I need this f**king album next week. I need it to drop on the same day as Party queen and outsell it. I think I'd also need a miracle.

"Haru arashi" taps into the same vibe of Flash's "Never say goodbye", which was one of my favourite songs off of that album. What gives this the edge though, is that Crystal sings the song like she's at the top of her game. She commands it. Where as on "Never say goodbye" it was more Crystal just playing along with the music.

As was the case when I first heard "Delicious na kinyoubi" in full, I'm unsure of the verses right now, but I f**king love the hook so much that it kinda doesn't matter.

It's a shame there's no video for this song. With such an ethereal and free sound, this would have been the ideal song to have a video where Crystal is working that siren angle. Stood atop of some mountain in some fly ass dress, with a 360° helicopter shot of her looking like a head bitch in command, weave blowing all about the place. I'm thinking Mary J. Blige's "Everything" video, but mo' pretty. Because from certain angles, Mary J's face looked like a cinder block. Much love to her though. I know how that n***a JoJo of Jodeci fame was f**king with her life around that time.

Listen: Haru arashi | ハルアラシ

Delicious na kinyoubi / Haru arashi
© 2012 Delicious deli records, Universal music Japan


  1. This is like... I don't use the term 'eargasm' often, but I think I'm having multiple of them right now while this song plays.

  2. I agree with Federick. Hell I'm even listening to the instrumental tracks, lol. On twitter she said she just finsihed filming another video. Hopefully it's for this song.

  3. Haruarashi instrumental just as the bridge ends (3:04 to 3:26) is currently my ringtone, the song is one funky groovy house beat.

    Delicious Na Kinyoubi is just one big fun jam song to me once the first chorus hits.

  4. Instrumentals are available!? Wow. Crystal Kay singles usually don't leak before they're due. Wonder what happened this time around.

  5. ^
    early release on Japanese Itunes

    Love both song, this could C'kay's best era yet if the album are this quality!

    I wish she did a piano version though as well,the piano version of Superman is just wow!

  6. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! You don't know how proud i feel watching CK drop all these amazing songs and videos! >_< I feel like her brother or something haha
    I loved her so long, i need this album to at least go Gold because it's shitting on everything all the top JPop bitches are dropping atm.
    And YES J you had the video spot on!

  7. it's really a wonderful time to be a ck fan. this is the best song she's released in years -- and that's really saying something. i, too, hope she does the double a-side thing correctly for the first time in her career (hey, delicious deli have been doing a b*tch right so far) and gives this song the video treatment. crystal always slays a house beat whenever she dabbles with the genre, but she has truly outdone herself this time.


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