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Madonna - Girl gone wild | New music

Fans won't want to believe that "Give me all your luvin'" is a flop, is. It really is. A feature from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, and big glossy video and a Super bowl performance and your shit only charts at number 1 in France and Canada!? Foreheand Fenty is laughing at this shit.

"Give me all your luvin'" is quickly been touted as a buzz single, with all hopes being placed on "Girl gone wild" to do what that reductive "Mickey" sounding flop of a pop record failed to do.

How well this will do as a single is any body's guess. We may as well wipe any chance of success in the US charts off the table. In Europe, she has a shot. But Madgina is setting herself up for having this song be called 'outdated' and having a list of chicks who have released a song in this Euro dance vein over the past year or two who managed to do it better. Much better. Britney's "Till the world ends", "I wanna go" and Rihanna's "Only girl (in the world)" to name a couple. And that's not even touching Katy Perry's slew of singles.

Madonna had better bring that A game in the music video. I'mma need more than watching her open her legs in a pair of roller skates and grind on n***a's in the back of some fat hoes' mini van. Shit, I've forgotten how this song went already.

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  1. TBH I always thought "BMAYL" was a buzz single the way it was all fitted in it seemed like the single was promotion for the Super Bowl performance rather than the other way around.
    Also the reason it mildly flopped probably had something to do with the fact that the song was given away as a free download with any pre order of the album which went No1 on 51 out of 52 ITunes charts.

    I like this song a lot more, It sounds like the younger sluttier sister of "Can we get together" from her "Confessions... " album. I love the trancy vibe and i would love this in a club or working out etc although i do wish she'd have some kind of climax in the song.
    I think it's safe to say we're all holding out for this William Orbit shit though lol

  2. umm no I'm almost positive that give me all your flops was meant to be the lead single off the album, especially since it featured Nicki Minaj(the go to girl for lead single features), and how its release was tied into the super bowl. It's being touted as a Buzz Single because fans are in denial about it being a flop. Although I don't know what the surprise is with how down right awful the song is. It somehow manages to execute ever pop cliche.

    Now she releases this corpse gone wild crap, what the hell is she, as well as her PR staff, thinking. This sounds like some Femme Fatale left over, except Madonna somehow manages to sound more robotic and lifeless than Britney.

  3. @Melvin R, I know that FACTUALLY "GMAYL" was the first single, I meant that to me it seemed like it was used more as promotion for the Superbowl performance rather than the Superbowl to promote the single.
    I do like "GGW" more but i wish she'd release one of the William Orbit tracks as a single instead. I don't think she gets that we want MATURE pop music from her which is why "Confessions... " and her previous albums did so well.
    I don't mind a few radio fodder tracks but going after the "young" people is what made "Hard Candy" a relative flop.

  4. madonna was recording gmayl way before the super bowl, it was a big flop and she is ashamed of it, really who wouldnt be?? a 54 year woman cheering???? if a 54 old man did it he would be called a pedifile,


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