Meisa Kuroki reveals she is pregnant. Also unearths ancient fax machine.

Meisa Kuroki, rocking that pram | J-Pop scoop

Meisa sent a fax to newspapers and magazine to confirm this news. Fax!? I didn't know people still used that shit. I guess Johnny disconnected that AOL account from her crib and terminated her SoftBank contract too.

The fax stated that Meisa is 4 months pregnant. The fax didn't clarify that she is indeed a bit of a ho, but we don't need no fax to tell us that. I'm happy for Meisa. I just hope if this baby is a girl, that Meisa's mother does what a good Grandmother needs to and tells this child about birth control. Because Meisa clearly had no clue - letting a Japon***a hit it raw on the first night.

Meisa is due in October. She's not showing too much yet, so Uniqlo can still hustle a bitch into some Fall / Winter 2012 ish for their new line promo shots. Or they can do the right thing and entice Hikaru Utada out of retirement with some limited offer merino sweaters. Or hit up MiChi to swag in some hoodies as she did when she debuted.


  1. I was thinking the same thing about her sending a fax? Especially in Japan, one of the worlds most technologically advanced countries!! Bitch this isn't 1999!! I was thinking maybe some crazed Jin Stans rolled up to her crib trashed it cutting her power and demolishing her laptop and smartphone in the process, thus forcing her to bring her ass to FedEx Kinkos to send a fax.

  2. I have to chime in an say that surprisingly, Japanese celebrities still fax in their personal business to the press all the damn time. It's been this way for decades and hasn't stopped for some reason.

    Anyway congrats to her and I hope she learned her lesson from sleeping with a man-whore.


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