New music: Far east movement featuring Crystal Kay - Where the wild things are

Far east movement featuring Crystal Kay - Where the wild things are | New music

To those of you who got excited about Crystal featuring on a Far east movement song, I have no sympathy for you that you're mad at how this turned out. Far east movement have as much musical talent as a tote bag. So I was not expecting this to sound like anything that Crystal would put down for one of her own albums.

The only thing we should get excited about is that this could potentially open doors for Crystal in the States. But given how pis-poor-generic the song is and that Crystal feels like any random ho vocalist who puts no form of impression on the song, I doubt it will do much unless we get a music video and Crystal features in it looking level 99 Flyaga.

The only decent part of this song are Crystal's sections, which are of the type of bounce Crystal is on at the moment with her music anyway. But everything else either side of those is just garbage I don't want to be hearing. Even if I'm as tow up as Bobby Brown at a family barbecue and my hearing has everything sounding like it's underwater; I just don't wanna hear this shit.

Listen: Where the wild things are

Dirty bass
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  1. This song is better than I thought it would be (thanks to her) but I wouldn't buy it, it's not my taste. A lot of ppl like this kind of music (used loosely) though. Anyway I'm glad it's getting a video, at least she'll get some exposure outside of Japan that's the important thing. So whatever, carry on, lol.

  2. It's worse than I was expecting, I was expecting something like "FLY" with more time for CK to shine but really she gets like 30 seconds (if that) over the whole song, I get the feeling that if this had been a CK song built around her part it would have been hot as fxck though.
    Hopefully it gets a video and CK can turn us all into wild things, besides that lets just hope/pray/wish on a star that "Vivid" doesn't flop in Japan and if it does she just gets her ass over to the states or Europe to do that long awaited English Album (I'm not counting that other one she did... although I do like a couple of songs on it).

    1. I hope it doesn't flop either im still jamming to All Yours I still can't believe it came out in 07 and Color Change 08 them albums where the shit i was hoping she do more songs like she did on All Yours and Color Change to be on her Vivid Album Im Glad Im learning Japanese ^_^

  3. I wish Crystal had a verse she would have killed it

  4. Nobody knows who Crystal Kay is outside of Japan. She was never going to be all over the song. So I don't get why so many CK fans are surprised she only features on the hook. We need to remember this is a Far east movement joint FOR THE STATES! Not a J-Pop collabo where featuring artists get equal mic time with the front running artist.

    The song is shit. But the hook is pretty hot and it has the makings of a top 10 Summer hit, which will be a good look for Crystal if she features in the video and looks as hot as she's been looking of late.

    It's just a shame that Sony had their 'no iTunes' clause. Because if those intrigued by Crystal as a result of "Where the wild things are" search for her on iTunes, they won't find much. But at the very least, the 4 songs they will find are all hot and great representations of Crystal's sound and talents.

  5. I'm not mad that she wasn't all over the song, I'm mad that what she contributed to the song could have been sang by any other generic, random flop bitch. She didn't put her stamp on the the song. Listening to this joint If I didn't know who crystal was, I would have no interest in checking for her. The only thing i'm hopeful for is that Crystal will manage to get her foot in the door with this shit. If Dev and her talk-singing could extend her career beyond Like A G6 then crystal definitely can. Also, crystal looks hot in the pictures that I've seen from the set of the pv. She's rocking a long blonde weave ponytail and a black body suit reminiscent of what she wore for J wave 2009. I'll post the link in the chat box to the pics.

  6. cosigning with Mel. as i was listening, it reminded me of the first time i heard "like a g6" & "party rock anthem". i had no interest in who this random female vocalist was. dev actually parlayed it into something (not much given that she just jumps on the cataracts' songs). nobody wonders what happened to lauren bennett (and i had to go look up the video to remember her name too...smh). holding out some hope for my girl CK.

  7. When I was US itunes I suprised to see couple of sony artists, Miho Fukuhara for example. I don't understand why she would be there but not on Japan itunes.

  8. I may be the odd man out, but the song isn't that bad to me at all. It's actually growing on me. For the record, I am in no way shape or form a fan of FEM. Their music is not my cup of tea. Despite that, this song is something I can bump to.

  9. People are upset Crystal wasn't plastered all over the song? Why are they surprised? Even Koda Kumi (a more commerically successful singer in Japan) only had a minor part in the Japanese exclusive bonus track 'Make it Bump' for their album Free Wired.

    I listened to the track once, completely forgot what I heard as soon as it was over :/

  10. Random J and others have made me see the error of my expectations about Crystal being a major vocalist on this song. Now all I can do is hope that this song can open doors to her doing more in the States, especially since the song apparently has a PV for it. I just hope that she can look level 99 Flyaga, as Random J put it, so that people can at least be intrigued by this half Asian beauty. At least her vocals are stronger than the G6 girl.

    I agree with ThatBoyLuke when he said that if the song had been built around showcasing her voice, this would have been a hit. I suppose I was expecting more of an equal collaboration because F.E.M. and Crystal are both on the same record label, and I thought that with all of the promotion and singles that they were giving her lately, they would naturally have her prominently feature on a song for an American audience in preparation for larger exposure and a potential American release of her own.

    This seems like this would have been the perfect opportunity to transition Crystal to the U.S. She has the vocal chops and talent to succeed, and the fact that she is mixed as opposed to completely Asian would probably help her since for some strange reason very few Asian artists seem to make a big impact here. Just imagine if "All Yours" was an English album back when it came out. She might have gone platinum because the music scene didn't get assimilated by Dance/Techno yet. One day CK is going to make it... just you wait and see.

  11. something that would be played at a white person club (no offense to white people) I gotta be real

  12. Far East Movement is no M-Flo.

  13. M-Flo is way better and cooler

  14. Far East Movement music is strictly for the clubs only, the only time I can tolerate it is if I'm drunk and on the dance floor.

  15. Once again Crystal NAY continues to convince me her music of for the bishes and her career for the fishes.


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