New music: Namie Amuro - In the spotlight (Tokyo)

Namie Amuro - In the spotlight (Tokyo) | New music

♪ I feel alive. And tonight's my night. I've go nuting to hide. I'm dancin' di' spotlight
He lee four. Come o' tokyo. I go orin tonight. I'm dancin' di spotlight ♪

I'm unsure of how I feel about this song. I like it. It gets my shoulders moving. But I don't love it. The verses feel a little too generic RedOne, J.Lo and Pitbull for my liking, but I like the chorus. "Yeah-oh" took over my body before it was ready and it's still reeling from the effects, so anything Namie delivers is going to pale in comparison for a good while. That shit right there was a 10. I will not let anybody say a bad word about "Yeah-oh". I'll tazer your f**king arse to the floor.

♪ Wanna see o' da gulls in a crub. Wanna see you hit di danceflo'
Wanna see o' da boys in a crub. Wanna see you hit di danceflo' ♪

At this point we can safely assume that "Hot girls" and "Let's go" will also be sung entirely in Namiengrish. I'm so in love with Namiengrish that I demand that Namie re-records every single song which isn't in Namiengrish on Uncontrolled, in Namiengrish. I think it's incredibly bold of her to have done it across as many songs as she has. It shows real confidence and I genuinely love how she sounds singing in it. It's not such a major shock to Namie fans, as she recorded a song entirely in Namiengrish for Break the rules. And every album she's released since has featured songs with copious amounts of it.

Having now pretty much heard the whole of Uncontrolled, I've got nothing to look forward to and am hardly hitting up CD Japan to pre-order me a copy. But I am beginning to get a sense that despite being made up of weak singles, the album as a whole may actually work.

Listen: In the spotlight (Tokyo)

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  1. This song is AWESOME!!! Her english is on point, it's much better than in Only You. And In The Spotlight (Tokyo), for me, is so fucking better than Yeah-Oh! Damn, i LOVE that song! I'll so buy her Album... can't wait!!!

  2. I LOVE it.
    Its a club banging song and slight engrish aside is flawless.

    Now if only Avex would embrace Itunes and stop fucking me over.

  3. I'm totally all about this! I reminds me of the tracks on Past<Future, which I loved to DEATH! this is the namie I love!

    plus that pic of the post header is everything! i love the soft waves and bangs in her face!

  4. This is trash... wtf man did somebody slap her with a big dick and mess up her judgement??? HOW has she gone from "Past<Future" to this...

    P.S I agree with @David, Avex are already suffering from a recession judging by their basic music videos lately so you'd think they'd be embracing ITunes but no... they stay 10 steps behind.

  5. Nothing too exciting here. The song has this "I've listened to this before" aura about it. It sounds like a compilation of old club songs mashed into a single track. The song and lyrics are generic.

    I've lost hope for "Uncontrolled". "Play" and "Past<Future" were much better albums.

  6. She sang a lot of engrish in queen of hip hop


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