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2NE1 - I love you | New music

This is one of 2NE1's best songs in a while. I've not dug a song of 2NE1's this much since "I hate you", which this reminds me a lot of with its dark 90's dance vibe. Why Teddy Park had to throw in that horrendous rave switch at the end, I have no idea. I hate it so much that I re-edited the song and faded the f**k out of that horrendous piece. But everything up to that point is gold to me.

YG have plans to release an English version of "I love you" which is great move, as this is the most internationally appealing song 2NE1 have recorded. YG need to consider putting it for general release on iTunes and servicing the song to US and UK radio, because "I love you" has the potential to be a hit. Japan don't care about these hoes, but the UK and the US might grow to as a result of this song.

This song is so hot that it snatched part of the left side of Dara's wig. And you know Rihanna's A&R is mad they didn't get this shit for Talk that talk. Errrr human and Kling-on knows that album could have done with a song like this to round up a hat trick with "We found love" and "Where have you been". Seeing as Rihanna now seems to be dat new-new electro pop bish.

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2NE1's 2nd studio album
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  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes this song! It's a bit refreshing to see the girls do something a bit different.

  2. At first I wasn't excited about this song, but now after a few replays I love it. It's really refreshing in terms of what's been going on in K-pop lately.


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