New music: Kelly Rowland featuring Lil' Wayne - Ice

Kelly Rowland featuring Lil' Wayne - Ice | New music

The song is written by Sean Garrett, features Lil' Wayne, is about Kelly wanting a n***a to put ice cubes in her p***y and unashamedly chases the success of "Motivation" - a song I couldn't stand. I should hate "Ice"...but I kinda like it. I don't love it and it's far from being my jam. But the beat goes hard, it's nice to lean to and if this drops in a club, bitches are getting ground down in corners and ain't seeing daylight for a good 5 minutes.

Kelly sounds nice on the song. It stinks of Brandy's Wednesday lacefront, which leaves me concerned that Sean Garrett is just shopping a selection of chicks his material and passing that shit around how n***a's passed around Jennifer Freeman at TUG entertainment. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it turned out Brandy had recorded this or that Sean put the song to her at some point. Because so many sections of it are laced exactly as Brandy would lace it. Although I've often found Kelly's vocal arrangements remind me of Brandy anyway.

If Kelly Rowland wants a hit, she may catch one with this song fresh off of how well "Motivation" did. But I'm dissapointed in Kelly because she is SO much better than songs like this. Kelly was the one member of Destiny's child who took the most risks with her solo material. Then somewhere along the way her sound just became boring, same ol', predictable, throwaway. And she's somehow ended up singing about her p***y on fanga snappin' beats with Lil' Wayne. Even the Euro house, club Kelly who had bonafide hits and solid songs got pushed behind a billboard of cookie cutter R&B and generic urban jams which nobody will be remembering by Blue Ivy's first birthday.

I don't hate "Ice". I rather like it. But I'd like it no more or less if Cassie or Jennifer Lopez had gotten it. Kelly doesn't really factor into how much I like this song right now and Lil' Wayne's rap is just a piece of shit. Reading the ingredients off of the back of a cereal box makes for better lyrics than what Lil' Wayne serves up for this.

Kelly may want to cop some vagisil and see a doctor if her p***y is purring like a kitten. 'Cos it ain't supposed to be doing that.

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Kelly Rowland's 2nd studio album
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  1. The beat was solid, but I feel as though it was wasted on the lyrics. Despite that, the song is mesmerizing.

  2. The song is good, I like it however Lil Wayne brought nothing but his name to this track. Kelly is definitely working the sex thing but I'm not even mad because she does it so well and is so hot.
    "Motivation" was/is still amazing, I love that song.

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