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It's happened everybody. Nakata said "F**k it!" and put Perfume on a bandwagon of euro house and Engrish. By Perfume's standards this song is all kinds of generic. I probably shouldn't like it, but I here's the thing. I do.

80% of "Spending all my time" doesn't really sound like Perfume. That other 20% being left for the bridge section which is all you'd expect from Perfume and probably the only bit of the song the roboho army like. Their voices sound completely different and the overall sound of the song is not what you'd typically associate with Perfume or even Nakata for that matter. It sounds way too derivative of what so many artists are doing / have done and this is not something you normally call a Perfume song out for because they've always been of a genre unto themselves. But I like that Nakata gave them something different from their usual sound palette. Even if he did go for the lowest common denominator And the result is much more effortless and organic than the rotten fruits of when many other artists in Japan have tried to do this sound.

We should have seen this coming. Perfume's songs have been streamlining slowly towards conventional pop records. And Universal said from the outset that they wanted to do 'the global thing' with Perfume and you can't get more global than this.

Spending all my time features 3 songs on it, so this release may not be as tragic as it seems. I already know "Hurly burly" is going to give me everything I need / desire from a Perfume single. So I'm willing to take "Spending all my time" as it is and not cry about it. Perfume always manage to sell their songs with the visuals when the music doesn't hit the spot. And if they come with some "Nee" style footwork as the teaser to the video implies and the girls give us air tight roboho choreography as they always do, you may feel differently about this song when the music video drops.

"Spending all my time" is a bandwagoned song. It sounds like a PG-13 version of Neon Hitch's "F U betta". But I just don't hate it like everyone else does. I'm not even sorry. Even in what is one of Perfume's weaker songs, they still manage to do just about do it for me

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  1. spending all my time is my JAAAM , i love it mote then hurly burly at the moment.
    cannot wait for the the single to hit my door
    another HAWT single from perfum

  2. I'm right with you J. This song is addictive, but "Hurly Burly" is definitely going to be that crack. I have a feeling the video might make me change my mind about SAMT, though. :D

  3. NO NO F*CKIN NO! This is the first song by Perfume that I actually dislike... I guess this is to do with the ww greatest hits thing but I don't understand how you have a band very successful in their own territory and with an underground following in the west so you decide to capitalise on that by changing everything that is their sound and putting out some watered down repetitive Western trash style song?! Didn't people learn from Utada & BoA flopping when they conformed to Western sounds?!

    "Hurly Burly" and the other song had better save it but honestly I kind of hope this flops just to send Nakata the message that .


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