Ayu looks a gold mess in JELLY magazine

Ayumi Hamasaki looks a gold mess for JELLY magazine | Photoshoot Ayumi Hamasaki looks a gold mess for JELLY magazine | Photoshoot

Ayu's look continues to run parallel with her music, as it heads into a pit of WTF? and ridiculousness. What was her fashion muse for this shoot. An Oscar!? Bitch looks gold. She looks less human than she normally does. And that weave. It looks so heavy that I got tired just looking at it.

The more I see of Ayumi Hamasaki looking hot messy in magazines, the more I think that she and Mariah could become really good friends. They both refuse to age gracefully. They both like wearing tonnes of blonde weave and Ayu has recently taken a liking to something Mariah had become hellbent on ever since The emancipation of Mimi, which is looking like a gold android in photos. A-nation footage also indicates that Ayu has also partaken in another of Mariah's favourite activities, singing her own hits badly. And this isn't even factoring in their deluded visions of what the feel looks sexy. Oh, how these two broads would get on like a house on f**king fire. Mariah needs to get her personal assistant Nick Cannon to make this shit happen. Ayu and Mariah. Their friendship would be of legend.

JELLY October 2012 @ Ayu's story 

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  1. You forgot one last thing, both these hoes are loaded. I can see them trying to out diva each other. Come to think of it, I would love to see the two of them on a Japanese variety show. Namie and Mariah we're on a show together, but that was no fun because Namie is too shy and humble. The show basically became about Mariah.

  2. ^ Yeah Mariah was a bitch in that show and Namie was very quiet as usual.

    Ummm Ayu looks really fake (duuuh!) That wig... damn, it doesn't even look like hair, are those some kind of yellow, rusty leafs or what?

  3. Yeah, I saw that episode too and Namie looked like a fan who had won a meet and greet with Mariah and was just there to see her. I didn't feel like Namie was a star at all in that piece.

    But onto this sloppy bish. ayumi hamaSUCKI. This glorious bish has been keeping it nonstop consistent with herself. Looking like she dun rolled around in a sumo wrestler's diaper.

    Sideline ho been slippin' left and right like banana peels stuck to the balls of them feet.

    When a wench you hate keeps it garbage bin nasty like it's second nature, you just nod and smile 'til she seeing all yo' teeth all the way in the back to make her think she doing everything right. Encourage that bish.

    I don't even want to see her fingertips extend to snatch another wig ever again. I will be her supplier and scalp myself to keep this wretch flailing in the wind like Katrina.

    I love it. I love her. And the stain she leaves behind her.


  4. Her photoshoots are so bad :s why can't she look normal and look awesome like Namie?
    Here is her latest shoot for example: http://amuro.fr.fo/index.php?/category/1443

  5. her skin is the f---ing same as her dress, how is that even possible? and on top of that, it looks like her head got bigger from the part where her arm disappears

  6. i actually like her looks now. yes, she does look completely barbie fake-ish but it still looks good to me.

  7. Anybody can get a spray tan, okay?? it's not that weird

  8. without make up and photoshop she's old right now, but anyway I think she's still pretty, maybe you dislike her golden look, but make me think bout gokal and garus girls...
    there's a lot of asian young girls who like to look barbie fake, not every asian, but a lot


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