New music: Sky Ferreira - Everything is embarrassing

Sky Ferreira - Everything is embarassing | New music

After stepping away from music to model and look like a crack whore for Terry Richardson and Calvin Klein, Sky is doing the music thing again. By all accounts her oft talked about debut album should have been out by now. As if! was going to be the EP before the debut album. But now a follow up EP Ghosts will be the EP, before the EP, before the EP, before the album.

Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and Blood orange's Dev Hynes, Ghosts' lead song "Everything is embarrassing" is straight 80's. Of all of the material Sky has dropped since she surfaced, it's her 80's sounding material which has stuck and left the most lasting impressions with me. "One", "Elevator" and "99 tears" chewed the 80's up and spat it in hoes' faces. And now THIS gem. I hope bitches have brought goggles this time.

"Everything is embarrassing" is amazing and a breath of fresh air from all of the euphoric rave everybody else in pop is occupied with at the moment.

Ghosts is due for release in October and will feature further contributions from Ariel Rechtshaid and Dev Hynes, along with production from Jon Brion - notable for his works with Fiona Apple and Kanye West on his album The late registration.

Listen: Everything is embarrassing

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  1. wow her song is horrible. what is this 1980? O.O she should just stay in the modeling business because even in her to be coming back with crap like that she wont make it big in the music industry :/

  2. This song is amazing. That's all that needs to be said, really.

  3. Great Song her voice


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