Album art + tracklisting: Christina Aguilera - Lotus

People are claiming Chunktina was inspired by Botticelli's The birth of Venus. But what few know is that the source of inspiration for this piece was the incomparable Brooke Hogan. With a weave so cheap it comes free in West coast welfare packages and a photoshop job bad you'd swear MIA did it, this album art is true class.

I think the single art for "Your body" would have made a better album art choice. But Jesus Christ-ina knows best.

The tracklisting for Chunktina's Lotus is her leanest since her 1999 debut, which is a welcomed change. Christina's past 3 albums were unnecessarily bloated. So it's nice to see such a lean tracklist for the standard edition.

  1. Lotus
  2. Army of me
  3. Red hot kinda love
  4. Make the world move featuring Cee Lo Green
  5. Let's find out
  6. Your body
  7. Let there be love
  8. Sing for me
  9. Blank page
  10. Cease fire
  11. Around the world
  12. Circles
  13. Best of me
  14. Shut up *
  15. Just a fool featuring Blake Shelton *
  16. Empty words *
  17. Light up the sky *
* Tracks featured on the Deluxe edition of Lotus 

    Kinda looking forward to hearing this. Everything seems to be pointing towards this being the album Christina had been avoiding since taking the reigns of her own creative direction and artistry. The pop album. Ain't nothing wrong pop, as long as it's good. It would be very much welcomed for Christina to drop a hot pop album with vocals. Because no other chick in the game is giving anybody that right now, without some rock spin put on it.

    I'm really hoping "Red hot kinda love" is about hot wings. That'd be all kinds of amazing.

    Single review: Your body


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