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The vibe I keep getting from everything Sia has written for other artists since Chunktina's "You lost me" is that I would rather hear Sia sing the songs herself. Trashtina is a vocal powerhouse. This is about as much news as it is that Britney will never dance again. But I feel as though Chunktina is occasionally mimicking Sia on this song, in the same way The Forehead mimicked her on "Diamonds". Which is when think 'I'd rather hear Sia sing this instead'. Because I love Sia's voice and she sounds better than half of the people she writes songs for these days.

"Blank page" is a really nice song. I don't love it or even find it that amazing. But I do love how imperfect Diabetina's voice sounds on this song, because it gives it a real sense of rawness and that the whole thing was done in one continuous take.

This song would flop harder than "You lost me" if it were released as a single. But it'd do good rounds in a US sitcom scene where a woman is crying over a kitchen sink mourning the wreckage of her marriage at the discovery that her husband of 15 years has been f**king some other woman and sending her cheques every month for their illegitimate child.

Blank page

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  1. I actually would have preferred a blank page to the page these lackluster lyrics were written on.


  2. Ummmm not a fan of her, but i think you're taking those nick names too far... Diabetina?

  3. BYE... I don't see how she's trying to be like Sia at all, and yeah I did get how she acted like her collaborators on "Bionic"...
    This is stunning IMO but "Sing for me" sounds like it's gonna be my favourite ballad on the album. I love the raspyness on this, It gives more emotion I think...
    Can't wait for this albummmmm.

    1. On multiple occasions in this song, she drops notes and hangs on them how Sia would / has / does.

      Stop being a delusional stan for more than the 3 minutes Trashtina warbles through this song and you'd hear it.

    2. Not being a hater might give you the opportunity to throw a bitch a compliment now and again lol


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