Listen to... Hikaru Utada - Sakura nagashi

Listen to... Hikaru Utada - Sakura nagashi |

Ayu has ripped out one of her own weave pieces. Kumi just dropped her baby on the floor. Namie has too much hair in her face from whipping her shit to "Rock U" to know what's going on. Other J-hoes are thinking about life and wondering if they'll ever get so big in Japan that they can decide to just bow out of music because they feel like it and still remain more relevant that those still releasing it. Sorry. But the answer is 'no'. You could never. Hikaru Utada is the one and only.

Hikaru broke her retirement for a hot minute to drop a new song for the third film in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, a new video shot by Cannes international film festival grand prix winner Naomi Kawase and then went straight back into hiding. Hikaru Utada does not feature in the video at all. We get shots of trees, sunlight, mo' trees and a child sucking on a titty. ART WITH HEART BITCHES! The video is better than anything I've seen from Ayu or Lady Gaga over the past year.

The song itself is beautiful. Featuring a raw imperfect performance from Hikaru, beautiful string arrangements and ever building flourishes as the song progresses, evoking the feeling that the song is living and breathing a life of its own. I don't usually fall for Hikaru's ballads this quickly. The likes of "Be my last", "Flavor of life" and "Dareka no negai ga kanau koro" took a while to grow on me. But this really stuck with me on a first listen.

This gives me hope that in the event that somebody finds Tetsuya Nomura (that n***a has clearly run away from Square Enix) and he begins work on Kingdom Hearts III, that Hikaru Utada will come out of hiding to contribute a theme song. She's as synonymous with Kingdom Hearts as she is Rebuild of Evangelion. More so in fact. So it's always a possibility. More now than before as a result of the release of this song.

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  1. Hikki just hit the music scene like a tsunami and it was as easy as brushing her hair in the morning. I love it! I need to go buy this on iTunes today. The world might stop the day she releases a new album and all of the Asian artists will be scalped.

  2. Utada was probably on the toilet making sure her logs were a healthy shape when this went to number one.

    Utada: Dropping Logs and Dropping Hits

  3. she needs to save the japanese music industry from the mess it has turned into since some years ago and remind the japanese that not everything that's utter shit should clog the oricon top 10.

  4. Once the piano started up, I knew it was going to be good. I wasn't sure what the first offering from Utada would be after so long, but it was definitely worth the wait. I can see that her "human activities" has definitely had a positive effect on her music. I'm already ranking it up there with her best ballads. I can see myself playing the SHIT out of this song on those cold winter nights. Also, I'm happy she at least gave us something while she continues her hiatus. Does Anybody else think that Utada might be contemplating motherhood, or perhaps she's already pregnant?

    1. It's a cold winter night now and I am playing the shit out of this lmao :D

  5. This is perfect.

  6. I'm not too happy that the dvd single won't be released until like next month.

    Girl needs to show some diva's what real sales look like. She probably surpassed all of Ayu's sales in the last two years with just two days of being #1 on Itunes though.

    I have no words towards the song though, because why praise something that is perfect and that everybody can see is perfect.

  7. When I saw that she dropped this I was like X_X OMFG!!!! Christmas has come early and all sorts lmao I dropped what I was doing and got into the zone to listen to this and then had to stop it 5 seconds in because I was so f****** excited and it sounded SO good!

    I agree that this is one of her best ballads ever and the fact this is better than I could ever have hoped for gives me so much hope for her next album topping "Heart Station" as my favourite album from her.

    It's just stunning and the video is beautiful, so beautiful that I'm maybe even glad Utada isn't in it because it would have taken the spotlight. The crescendo at the end had me practically rolling around the floor having a musical orgasm lol

    I have to say though, despite all her success personally I never even think of Utada like that, Like Ayu and Kumi etc I think of sales no matter how good their music because they're that kind of artist but Utada for me is like Kate Bush or Bjork, I don't generally think of sales because I always just think despite the success they do it for the music and they are so f****** talented... Hikki fan for life.

  8. Just when I thought she couldn't top 'Flavor of life,' she goes out and does this.

    Perfection is really an understatement.

    It's raining heavily over here, and it's the perfect song!

  9. I usually adore Hikki's ballads but this one didn't get to me right away; def. a grower. I think the music, lyrics are excellent but her singing is rough to me. Very breathy and some parts seem slowed down vocals -- still very happy to get new music from her.

  10. Love Hikki! :) We need more music like this...


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