Listen to... Destiny's child - Nuclear

Listen to... Destiny's child - Nuclear |

This is a bit out of the blue. Rushed to f**k. I don't know if this is Mathew Knowles trying to cash a Destiny's child cheque or B trying to use Michelle and Kelly's heads as steps on a mini ladder to get to that big comeback. It's probably both. We knows how the Knowles' roll.

"Nuclear" features on a Destiny's child compilation titled Love songs - a ditch attempt to try and ween more money out of the Destiny's child train; perfectly timed to help leverage Beyoncé's comeback. Although B hardly needed as such. Kelly and Michelle on the other hand are probably loving this and are rush recording their new albums as we speak.

Produced by Pharrell Williams, the production is on point showing a an evolution in his style which has continued to manifest over the years since branching away from Chad Hugo. Whenever Pharrell does anything involving Beyoncé the results are always hot and "Nuclear" is no exception - being a fusion of house, married with a drum line which lies in-between Big Daddy Kane and 90's dance.

I went through stages with "Nuclear". Loving it, then not thinking it's not all that, to loving it again. What never wavers for me is that this song needed stronger vocal production and a killer middle 8. For 3 girls who can sing and shut down a 3 point harmony and a lead singer who could provide a groups' worth of backing vocals herself, the vocal production is too lax, only coming to a head when the song is on its way to fading out. Beyoncé usually goes H.A.M with the vocal production, so I'm surprised she gave zero f**ks here. I'm willing to bet that this song was recorded when Beyoncé was too heavily pregnant to give a shit about anything. Hence why she doesn't scream all over the latter half of this song and how she allowed Michelle Williams to cop a song-writing credit without her. The middle 8 also feels too anti-climatic, which is not helped by Michelle's crusty ass vocals. I can't believe the chick who went toe-to-toe with Beyoncé on "Survivor" now sounds like she's singing with a collapsed lung and a fresh diagnosis of tuberculosis.

I love the beat though and dig how its different for the girls as a whole. This may not be the big ratchet anthem people wanted from Destiny's child, but I like that it's a bit pedestrian and love the vibe.


  1. Yes, this is my new jam! I was disappointed with Michelle's middle eight, too... :( Truthfully, this just brings me back to how every single song from DC-3 was basically Beyonce first, Kelly second, and Michelle with the killer middle eight, aside from Destiny Fulfilled when some of it switched to Kelly first and Beyonce second...

    I'm just not as big of a fan as I was back in 2004... but this song is still the jam!

    BTW, I didn't know Pharrell made the beat... this and "Sexify" are some of the biggest surprises I've gotten from his music... :D

  2. Again, the embeds on this site still aren't working so I havent heard the song BUT throwing Michelle in the bridges because her crusty arse voice wasnt worth a verse never did their songs any favors because their bridges were always anticlimatic and the only thing Michelle's raspy voice is good for is gospel.

    Girl cant ever get a verse.

  3. Even though I like this, I can't help but to think that Crystal Kay would have sound better on this.

    1. Crystal Kay would shut down every single beat Pharrell Williams could throw at her. That's a collabo I would love to happen. Verbal needs to hook that meeting up.


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