Listen to... Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z - Suit & tie

Listen to... Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z - Suit & tie |

So, Just Timberlake is making a comeback. I could have done with an *NSync reunion, but whatever.

The one thing I like about Justin is that you can never guess what he's going to come with musically. And each time (all of two times) he's done an album it feels as though he's jut glad to be making music and having fun with it, as opposed to trying to chase the next big hit. It's this general feeling I get from "Suit & tine". Justin's albums so far have all had a notable muse. Justified was Michael Jackson. FutureSex/LoveSounds was Prince. And from the sounds of "Suit and tie" the third album could be Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. It's kinda shameful that a white guy who was in a boy band with hits helmed by Max Martin is making a comeback to the music scene with a soul / R&B record when every other n***a in the game is jumping on pop and dance. Yes, Usher dropped "Climax", but he went and parked a truck over that shit with "Scream".

"Suit and tie" is nice when it gets going, but it's not the type of song I'd play to death. Justin previous 2 singles were winners because there wasn't really anything else which sounded like them at the time and they sounded fresh. "Like I love you" was above and beyond what anybody expected him to release as a debut single. And "SexyBack" was so aurally filthy that the initial reaction of "What the f**k has Justin gone and done?" was pushed our of your brainby the desire to want to just dance. But "Suit & tie" is just meh and features an abomination of a guest verse from Jay-Z. I don't know why the n***a even bothered.

Justin's third studio album The 20/20 experience features production from Timbaland and also brings Pharrell back into the fold, who was notably absent from FutureSex/LoveSounds over a dispute Pharrell had with Jive records over Clipse, in which he vowed not to produce any material for acts signed to the label until the issue with Clipse was resolved. Justin has also booked studio time with Bloodyshy & Avant, marking the first time Justin has worked with the duo who notably rose to popularity through their work with Britney Spears. Interesting... Word is that Justin has also worked with ex *NSyncer J.C Chasez on this new album, tossing him some co-writing / co-production money after finding him sleeping rough in a cardboard box since that *NSync and America's next best dance crew money dried up.

I've always felt a little sorry for J.C Chasez. He was copping co-writes and co-production credits for more of *NSync's material than Justin and had the stronger vocals. Yet, his debut album flopped horribly and its follow up got shelved like a tin of Alpo.

Suit & tie

The 20/20 Experience
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  1. JC Chasez i was rooting for but his album suck so bad still has a great voice

  2. I have a feeling this is going to have a positive reaction to R&B! The song is okay, not spectacular, like you said, but it's enough to get people to notice 2001 is coming back with a fire!

  3. This song would be better without Jay Z he adds absolutely nothing. This is ok but not great. It's a little to one dimensional and lacks depth but I do like the vibe.

  4. I never realize Justin isn't making music until he starts making music again and everybody starts making a big deal about.

    This song sucks though.


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