Listen to... Kelly Rowland - Kisses down low

Listen to... Kelly Rowland - Kisses down low |

After the success of "Motivation" and the release of "Lay it on me" and "Ice", it's safe to say that Kelly Rowland has an obsession with her pussy and that she wants everybody and their second cousin to know that it has needs. "Kisses down low" leaves very little to the imagination concerning what the song is about. Make no mistake, the song title is not a red herring. It's very much about a woman wanting her n***a to get down on his knees and propose to her pussy with a kiss.

Kelly has seemed unsure of what musical train to ride ever since the success of "When love takes over". And her third studio album Here I am saw countless push backs and released in an uncohesive cluster fuck of pop, dance and R&B as a result. Kelly seems much more certain of her musical direction with her fourth studio album Year of the woman and has decided to keep things wholly R&B. This wouldn't be a problem if anybody actually cared about Kelly releasing anything. Nobody is waiting on anything from this woman but for her to take a seat. And if she wants people to take notice of her, then she is going to have to come better than "Ice" and "Kisses down low". Otherwise Kelly will be the one having to provide kisses down low on dudes to keep her record deal and her housing payments up to date. 'Tis a shame, because Mike WiLL's production on this song is slick and the beat goes hard. But the songwriting is basic. I can't be dealing with a whole album which is just lyrical offcuts of "Motivation" and so far, that's what it's sounding like.

Kelly is much better than this. She must think a n***a ain't remember "Work" *goes off to play the hotness that is Ms. Kelly*


  1. Girl sounds like she's saying 'NyQuil' at the start of the song, and boy is she right. ZzZzzzz.

  2. "Motivation" = Amazing
    "Lady it on me" = Good
    "Ice" = Ok
    "Kisses down low" = ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    The only kisses down low Kelly is involved in is when she's kissing Beyonce's ass for a DC Royalty cheque.


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