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Fans need to stop acting like this is Mariah's return to form and heralding that 90's Mariah is back. If you seriously think 90's Mariah is back with this song, then you clearly hadn't listened to anything of Mariah's pre titty jiggling in a cinema for "Heartbreaker".

Mariah is riding a different sound to that of which she's done before, which I like. And the hood beat switch on the bridge is nice. But the song does nothing for me. Mariah's vocals are flat and emotionless for a solid 3 minutes until the end when she finally gives something. But the lyrics carry no weight because there is no feeling behind them. Belting does not = Emotion. Angela Aki and Hikaru Utada be running lessons on this shit for bitches who don't know.

Leona Lewis would have been much better suited to this song. Granted, Leona has the emotional investment of a touch screen glove; but at least her vocal clarity would have carried this song and she would have hit those notes right. Mariah just sounds a struggling ass mess.

Mariah needs to find a new way to sing which doesn't sound like she's straining her voice. You can hear she's trying to sing how she used to and is finding it difficult to do so. Ducking out on notes and runs she can no longer do. Bitch please.

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  1. This bitch is sounding NASAL. Did she take vocal tips from Kylie or something, because it's not cute or good.

    The song is banging. She isn't.

    Leona could have used a song like this for that flop 'Glassheart.' Not like anybody would have cared anyways though.

  2. 3:30 to the end is AMAZING!

    Shame that "to the end" is like 10 seconds later. Lulz. If the rest of this song had what the last 10 or so seconds had in it then I would be paying attention to this woman for the first time in her career.

  3. it sounds generic but dunno, just love this song,


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