Listen to... Beyoncé - Bow down / I been on

Listen to... Beyoncé - Bow down / I been on |

The Amazonion empress from the kingdom of lost wigs and stolen songs posted a preview of 2 songs on her Tumblr page. As is to be expected, they are both hood messes and early contenders for the most ratchet offerings of 2013 despite us only being 3 months into the year.

Both songs are just Beyoncé bragging and giving off the type of bravado that you'd expect from girls in the game who are 6 years younger than she is - i.e Rihanna and Rita Ora. Both of whom have done these "I'm a bad bitch. I'm so amazing. Ho, siddown" type songs already. The woman is in her 30's. She shouldn't be putting out these types of songs. But musical integrity isn't something I'd every associate with Beyoncé's music as a whole. She's often miles behind everybody else, despite having the vocal talent to run circles around the majority of them.

Both songs sound hot and feature a hard set of beats which are beat and bass heavy for the systems in the cars and the clubs. "Bow down" is Hit-boy's dabble with trap and features Blue-Ivy calling own her Momma's hometown, with "I been on" being a swig of Hip-Hopera. The latter worked much better without Beyoncé's vocals on it, as heard in her o2 TV commercial. She doesn't sing over the beat, but raps instead - serving up bars which were more than likely written by her husband.

Neither song is the revolutionary new sound from Beyoncé I was hoping for. It's that lowest common denominated nonsense you'd expect from her. With Justin Timberlake winning the masses over with The 20/20 experience and offering an album which has met many expectations and her younger sister delivering an EP which shits all over big sis' efforts, Beyoncé is really going to have to come better than this. I'll take a full length version of "Bow down", because my body loves that beat. But I can do without "I been on". That song is just mess.

Po' Keri Hilson. Just when she thought she was safe from the Bey hive and could rescind her restraining order against them, Beyoncé goes and drops this.

And can we please have a moment for the "Bow down" artwork....

Beyoncé - Bow down / I been on |

I love this more than I love either of the songs. It should have been her album cover. It's nice to see B has a sense of humour.

Note: The girl at the start of "Bow down" is NOT Blue Ivy. But it so shoulda been.

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  1. As good/bad/whatever as the songs are, it was needed today. I really did wish Beyonce do something 'hood and let some steam off, or something. Girl is just too polite! I wanna see a promo vid for "Bow Down", and then read your review on it. LOL!

    I would rather have her rap with her voice on "I Been On".

    1. Ciara would have sounded better on this, with Luda of course.

      Lord help us if CK decided to do this. Wow. I will literally have some sits then.

  2. This is really ghetto and ratchet for her standards. You can't switch from 'rich diva covered in diamonds' to this hood image. What is she thinking?

  3. Meh.

    Beyoncé should be praying Shakira isn't going to drop another worldwide hit this summer 2013 with her upcoming dance album.

  4. What in the hell is this s**t. This sounds like a piece of crap. No class at all.


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