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Namie Amuro - Big boys cry / Beautiful |

I love that Namie is feeling invincible and that she can ♪ Shange the wurrrd ♪ But she is drove out of her own lane with her latest ballad "Beautiful". Somebody should have told Namie to leave this song to chicks who can give a solid, strong vocal over a minimalistic and sparse production, because she really is not the one. Angela Aki just skipped a period over this mess. And even MiChi is like "Fucking hell. Even my ass handled this shit on 'Motto' and 'One'".

J-N***as were wrong for not throwing some heavy strings, military drums and a bassline on this shit to smooth over the jagged edges which are Namie's vocals, something which Nao'ymt did to great effect on "Tempest". As for the Engrish, Namie continues to trailblaze. I love that it's a permanent fixture within her musical repertoire now, because it's truly amazing. She is schooling bitches on album sales and how to throw random bits of Engrish in songs and sell it like it's definitive.

Namiengrish dictionaly entry:
  1. Supplies (verb) (emotion) Surprise: To come across something suddenly and / or unexpectedly.
It's no supplies |

Thankfully Namie puts down the demerol and keeps the party lockin' with her Spring 2013 twerk anthem "Big boys cry", which sounds like a Queen of hip pop / Play leftover. The beat is hot and the chorus is catchy, but the song lacks a full on beat drop / switch to make the song feel as though it's going somewhere and building to something which is going to make you drop it faster than Britney's panties in 2006. But instead it just swings between what sounds like an play school Casio keyboard remix of Chun-Li's theme from Street Fighter II and a weak recreation of a Diplo and Switch joint. If Namie works her waist in a mini tartan print skirt, dem boots and one of those little "Funky town" hats for the music video, then I might be swayed.

Namiengrish dictionaly entries:
  1. Parlee locking (verb) Party rocking: To keep a party / social soiree jubilant.
  2. Cly (verb) Cry: To shed tears. An emotional reaction.
  3. Oh shit baby (reaction) A verbal reaction which can be either positive or negative. In this context, the use is positive. (example) 'Oh shit baby! You puttin' in dat work how I like'.


  1. I knew there was something wrong with Beautiful as soon as she started singing. I thought it would be a ittle like, Arigatou which was really nice and sweet and her voice worked well on it. But it was just baaaaad. Was it the shitty chorus?
    On the other side, I really like Big boys cry...
    It is very catchy, liked it on the first listen but I see hwo I will get really tired of it after more repeats.
    The single is out in 3 days and no video yet? What is she thinking !

  2. big boys cry reminds me of pink key :)

    1. Actually Big Boys Cry sounds like a jpop version of End of Time by Beyonce..

    2. It reminds me of "Pink Key" too!

  3. Big Boys Cry rocks... full stop! That song will still be playing in my head even on my deathbed its that catchy! Beautiful was in my mind... a beautiful ballad. I don't get what's wrong with it. Seriously! The lyrics.... the majority of which are in english... are gorgeous. It inspires you. Yeah... even I feel that there's... something... missing from it. I can't put my finger on it. But that ballad will be played on my MP3 to death. It's soft, soothing and gentle. Now and then you actually need a song like Beautiful. The J-English or Engrish will be on her songs because Avex want it there. Namie also actually have worldwide appeal in my eyes so I am not complaining. And Namie's "engrish" is 20 times better than my Japanese is... and that's with me even trying to learn Japanese. So I'm not going to hate on it. There also won't be a PV for either song... that's why there is only 1 sleeve that's been shown, rather than the normal CD and CD+DVD. She could of course release them after, like in the case of Damage... which she needs to do as both of these songs NEED PVs.

  4. sounds like she recorded it in a bus station, so crowded,

  5. I don't have feelings for "Big Boys Cry" at all really. It is just there. The Chorus is weak, the verses are frail, the bridge is non-existent and the overall melody sounds like a coochie fart.

    "Beautiful" is a big ol' non-factor. I love the "Yoooooooou're Beautiful" parts that struggle to carve a place for itself in this structureless song like the OWN Network on cable, but it is not worth sitting througu this song to hear those parts when they come up for air to matter.

  6. I agree with InnerRise, BBC is just kind of there. Just like 'Break it' was. Not to mention Damage, which just kind of fell off the face of the earth.

    Next single please.

  7. Both songs are pretty tepid at best. Better than Ayu's recent releases anyway.

    I'm just happy Namie doesn't say the very cringe-tastic, "Fry" or "Butterfry" when she tries to sing, "Fly" and "Butterfly" in way too many of her songs. Still can't understand half of her Engrish, but like you said, she sells it like it's definitively awesome.

  8. It would be nice to have a little tv performance for this single. Am i asking for too much?

  9. There's no moe supplies :(

  10. Whoa, very hard review...

    Even though I don't like Namies songs for I think 2 years. Everything sounds thin and kind of boring. The last song I really liked was 'Break it' after that everything sounds like the american/european way.
    I live in europe and I'm hearing asian music, because I hate the music which is played here in radio,etc..and now they are going to make the asian music the same way, so sad v_v


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