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With "Mirai no museum" sounding an overly cute mess (and not that crack type of cute that "Glitter" was on) I pinned all of my hopes on the B-side "Daijo banai" being the song which would have the Lord Jebus Christ take me higher into the inbetween of Kashiyuka's legs. But what we get instead is some overly repetitive nonsense which sounds like a re-worked segment of "Nee" where Perfume out-footwork every single n***a in the most remote bush region of Africa where dem tribes dance all day, errr night.

Musical repetition in a song is a given with Perfume. But from onwards, we began to get more conventionally structured songs, with verses, choruses, hooks, bridge sections and Perfume began to become a sound and genre unto themselves. So to get 2 albums and a couple of singles of this and then a B-side which is just the same thing looped over and over with fewer lyrics than "Spending all my time", it feels regressive to me. This song would make a great ringtone, but that's all it's good for.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu once again shits on a Perfume single. I'm directing all of my love to "Ninjari bang bang".

Spending all my time B-sides 1 - Mirai no museum B-side 0
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Ninjari bang bang" 99,999 damage on these hoes.

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  1. It has only been ONE Album since RIGHT TRIANGLE, not 2.

    But yeah. This song. It could have really been something if it had ANY variety in it. Like I can't hear anything they're saying but I know it's the same thing over and over again.

    Honestly though I have really been a big fan of their Singles. There is always just 1 single they put out that blows me away each era and I'm disappointed with everything else and I have a feeling I've already gotten that Song from them this Era. Everything else will be trash and I probably won't get or like the Album.

    We've gotten our "Secret Secret" and "NIGHT FLIGHT" of this era. Oh well.

    1. *Honestly though I have NEVER been a big fan of their singles.

    2. I never said they'd released 2 albums since ⊿.

      "So to get 2 albums and a couple of singles of this..." - The 2 albums I was referring to were ⊿ and JPN.

  2. Have to agree. Game slayed start to finish. After that, top heavy with an uncomfortable amount of semi-formulaic filler.

    The quality tracks flat lay waste though, absolutely top shelf.

    This is clearly not in the same solar system as glitter. That had some type of addictive secret sauce going on.

  3. I want these Perfume back!! --->
    I can't stop watching this video.

    Now I'm waiting for a daijobanai dance routine...


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