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Let's get one thing straight. "Magic of love" is an upgrade from "Mirai no museum". I can actually listen to this song without wanting to throw up in my own mouth.

Much in the same way we were all punk'd when the "Spring of life" teaser dropped, we got punk'd in exactly he same way upon hearing "Magic of love" in the TV commercial - which gave absolutely no sign that the verses would feature such a drastic change in melody. The melody change on the verses isn't the only shocker. The girls get solo spots void of any backing vocals, auto tune or vocoding. It's refreshing to hear and adds a completely new element to the song as you get to hear the robohoes sing in a way we've not heard before. But it pretty much confirms that these bitches really cannot sing. I love Nocchi like I love my Super Nintendo. But she can't sing to save a life.

I'm on the fence with "Magic of love". But the more I listen to it, the more I like it. I think "Magic of love" is going to be a slow burner for me. I'll probably love it by the time they release the album it features on, but until then I'll keep playing the shit out of "Spending all my time". Yes. I still play that repetitive, Engrished out EDM jam. It's perfection.

I've not been wholly in love with Perfume's singles this era with the exception of "Spending all my time", which is leaving me concerned for the album which will follow. If Nakata isn't bastardizing the girls' sound, he's playing it wholly safe. Pussy Pamyu is getting the best of his material for her singles which is making Perfume's shit sound even worse.


  1. The fact they are not particularly good singers just seems to enhance their "girl next door" likability for me. I could see this getting moderately addictive.


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