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Mariah Carey featuring Miguel - #Beautiful |

Originally tagged as '#Beautiful starring Mariah Carey & Miguel', it should be renamed 'Miguel featuring Mariah Carey'. Because it sounds like Mariah hopped right onto Miguel's shit. Fuck a Mariah album. This should be on a re-reissue of Kaleidoscope dream.

I love this song though and I'm surprised at how strong Mariah's vocals sound. I was expecting her to sound like Bea Arthur on a respirator. But this song could have been just as hot without Mariah on it. Or alternatively just Mariah on it. The song doesn't feel like much of a duet and you never get the feeling Mariah and Miguel are singing about one another - which is fine. But there just seems to be no chemistry.

The one thing I've always liked about when Mariah has features on her songs is that they feel like more than your average feature - with Mariah and her featuring artist going back and forth vocally or with Mariah singing along to the bars of rappers. It always feels like a co-effort with Mariah being unselfish in sharing mic time, sometimes too much so. But with the way this song is arranged, it feels as though Miguel just gmailed Mariah the track and was like "Just put your vocals in the section where my ass ain't singing". Their vocals never intertwine and meld together they way I feel they should have. It's a shame, because the song is really nice. It's one of the hottest songs Mariah's been affiliated with in a while and I dig it because it's completely different for her. I just wish Mariah and Miguel had more of a vocal chemistry.

And this hashtagging of song titles needs to stop. That shit is tacky.


  1. Love the song but I hope her album does not have a bunch of collaboration because lately she been the feature guest in her songs except for that disney song


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