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Pepsiyoncé was ready to leave her stan n***as thirsty in the hive for new material. But that was until Kelly Rowland dropped "Dirty laundry" and caught a wave of praise in a storm of positive press. Home girl soon changed her tune and had Blue Ivy upload "Grown woman" to Zshare.

When "Grown woman" premiered in the Pepsi commercial, I liked the song, but didn't think it was anything special. But then I saw a video of Pepsiyoncé miming performing it on her tour and I fell in love with it. Her vocals were sassy, fun and energetic. And Timbaland's percussive backdrop provided the perfect soundtrack for Beyoncé to pop her pussy to and get down like she's at a Zambian bush party. But the studio recorded version sounds utterly tame and completely lax in comparison. Beyoncé's energy is at level 0. She sounds dead pan and controlled. There are no ad-libs. She doesn't go off on this shit the way she does when she performs it live and the backing vocals sound as though they are missing about 5 layers and a fat Suga mama. The whole thing is carried solely by Timbaland's production which is way more on point than I expected from him, even in lieu of his stellar work on The 20/20 experience. I needed Beyoncé to scream over this shit and give me full "Get me bodied" style neck snappin' with this shit. Not half arse the damn thing. I am disappoint.

As it is, "Grown woman" is the type of song which would need to be synonymous with a strong visual. It's my recollection of her miming performing it live which plays in my head every time I listen to the song and it's this which keeps me playing this song. I do like "Grown woman". The beat is as infectious as fuck. If you heard it drop in a club you would go to town on the floor like you are 3 tequila's gone at your cousin Oyindamola's birthday party. It is a cool encapsulation of Beyoncé's style as a whole. It's very typically her. But Beyoncé should have gone to town with the vocals. The song is a celebration of her as a woman and an artist, but I get none of that from her when I listen to this. I really do hope she re-records the vocals for the final version of the song.

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  1. i am mad disappointed in this version - but i also don't think this is the full, official version. I do not believe that Bey would put that wack ass audience track in the background and keep it so devoid of Beyonce adlib and soul. There is also NO reason whatsoever for the song to be 5 minutes long. She'll re-record and add some adlibs and cut that ish off and we probably won't get the real version until the album drops. I'm still bangin' to it though!

  2. The crowd on the track was probably put on intentionally to distinguish it as a leak, so radio can't play it and people still bother to buy it in the event she does decide to release it.

    I do hope she re-does the vocals. The more I listen to the song, the more lacking I find Beyonce's delivery.

    I think the song length is fine. I love the switch at the end, because it's all about just letting loose. Longer than average song lengths might be Timbaland's new thing now if this song alongside 'The 20/20 experience' is anything to go by.


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