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Kylie's birthday present to her fans this year was her dropping her skirt. Not literally. Well, kinda. Kylie posted the a new song of her online, giving fans a taste of the new material she's been working on since signing to Roc nation.

"Skirt" is produced by US DJ / producer Nom De Strip and co-written by The Dream, who needs no introduction at this point; but I shall name drop some of his biggest hits - just for clarification. Rihanna's "Umbrella", Beyoncé's "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" and Justin Bieber's "Baby" - all written by The-Dream.

"Skirt" is a plunge in a pool that everybody has been chillin' in and pissing in for the past 4 years. And whilst many are claiming it's unlike anything Kylie has done before, it really isn't. Kylie went the EDM and wub-wubble route on her flop 2010 release X with the Bloodshy & Avant helmed "Nu-di-ty" (one of my fave tracks from that album) and lyrically she is singing about the exact same thing. The refrains are a little too ravey and skirt on the side of Euphoric dance which I really can not stand. But I love the filthiness of the hook. There's no word as to whether "Skirt" will become a single or if it will feature on her upcoming album at all, but it's something to whet appetites until Kylie's new album drops.

As a result of signing to Roc nation, Kylie has hit the studio with a roster of US-centric producers which includes Pharrell Williams, Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, Tricky Stewart and Stargate. Fans had best hope this new album of Kylie's doesn't end up going the route of Madgina's Hard candy, which it very well could. Although in Pharrell's defence, his contributions to that album were pretty decent.


  1. It's an interesting song, to say the most. Not really feeling the whole wub-wub overpowering her vocals. Half the time, I barely understood what she was saying. But I agree with you on that hook, it's ba-nay-nays! Still, it's nice to see her experimenting with her sound. Maybe she'll embellish it more on her next tracks.

  2. Richard Brandon Hernandez5 June 2013 at 03:28

    I love KM this song is refreshing, I like it but I'm looking forward to hearing the remixes more.

  3. I actually like this a lot and I don't know why anybody is saying it's nothing like Kylie, It's more up to date but it's bringing back the classy / sexy vibe I got from her on "Slow" etc

    The chorus goes HARD and if this is just a kind of buzz track I can't imagine what she's cooking up for a single or whatever. I'm glad she's switched her management up and signed to Roc Nation because her last Era was manages SO bad... Even though "Aphrodite" went platinum and stuff it could have gone so much better, Everything after "All the lovers" was managed terribly...

    P.S I hope she tours this next album!

  4. starlightshimmers10 June 2013 at 18:39

    I demand a full on North America tour. Aphrodite North American leg didn't do justice for me. Loves you Kylie <3

  5. I agree it would be amazing for Kylie to do a US arena tour but the American leg of her tour was good in a different way, More intimate than we're used to seeing which is great too.


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