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Justin Timberlake - Take back the night | Random J pop

Justin is officially done with the first part of The 20/20 experience. Those "Tunnel vision" titties haven't been on YouTube for 14 days and he is already dropping a follow up single from the second part of The 20/20 experience. I can not believe RCA records let Justin pass on releasing "Don't hold the wall" and "Let the groove get in" as singles - something I will stay mad that Justin for until he's back with Britney and pigs fly.

Now let's talk about JT's new-new and get the obvious out the way. This shit sounds like Michael Jackson. Most of Justin Timberlake's material wreaks of Michael's Saturday night weave. But "Take back the night" sounds like some straight Off the wall Quincy shit. It's a nice song. I like it. But it's nothing amazing. It's very pedestrian. And as with half of the songs on The 20/20 experience, it's 2 minutes too long. It doesn't even feature a middle 8 or a beat switch.

If this is the kind of vibe JT is going for for his second part to The 20/20 experience, then I hope Pharrell Williams is / was a part of it. I've been waiting on P and JT to team up again since Justified. I'd love to hear what the 2 of them would cook up in the studio now. Especially with Justin on his throwback shit and Pharrell having gone old skool with Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers. Robin Thicke would spit blood over that reunion, I'm sure.


  1. Song sucked. Haven't heard one thing worth it from this dude.

  2. Disagree with the song being too long and I'm glad it doesn't have a bridge since bridges ruin songs a lot of the time. And there's no beat switch because he's just gone straight old-school with this one instead of chopping and screwing the genre like he did with "Suit & Tie." I like that he did something more genre-bending for part 1's lead off, and then more straightforward old-school for part 2...

    But anyway, was just gonna say that I think he could still release singles of off of Part 1. I imagine he'll ride the album out through 2014 and release a lot of the songs. They're selling Part II both as its own album as part of a complete package with part I. The 20/20 Experience is meant to be viewed as one album really anyway. I hope he does tonnes of videos and singles, even if they're just UK-only releases and shit.

  3. Hey bitch!!! Wheres my FEEL's review!!!!


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