Listen to... M.I.A. - Bring the noize

Listen to... M.I.A. - Bring the noize | Random J Pop

Was anybody awaiting this woman to make a comeback? I can't say I was, but it's cool to hear something new from her. She best not talk out the side of her mouth about how other chicks in pop be conforming though. Not after she mimed on stage alongside Nicki Minaj and Madonna at the Super bowl. I wouldn't say M.I.A. sold out, but thousands would. She best act humble.

"Bring the noize" is of a different gear for an M.I.A single. She usually goes for songs which feel much more like sing-a-longs and are void of any real rapping. But "Bring the noize" showcases M.I.A's rap skills in a way in which we've not heard on a single before. The whole vibe and M.I.A's tight rapid fire delivery reminds me of "XR2" from Kala, which was my favourite song off that album. With any luck we'll get a swagtastic video like "Bad girls" to go along with the song. I want to see chicks in Kenzo jungle print Burka's and Air Max 1's, popping and locking their pussies in a shanty town in front of a Volkswagon Polo.

M.I.A forth studio album Matangi is due for release later this year. I can't wait to see the horrendous album artwork for it. She's got a really tough act to follow with Maya's cluster fuck of YouTube player bars.


  1. There's already a vid! It's pretty badass-ish.

    (First-time commenter btw. Love the blog.)

  2. I like the idea that there is something hard to follow in the beat and the rap. It's different, yet it's her.


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