Listen to... a ragged ass version of Beyoncé's "Standing on the sun"

Listen to... a ragged ass version of Beyoncé's "Standing on the sun" | Random J pop

"Standing on the sun" - another single which should have been, but never was and ain't never gonna be is doing the rounds online. Which means that Blue Ivy is at it again. Stealing mummy's USB sticks and uploading songs via Zshare. As with the "Grown woman" leak this version has the sound of a crowd all over it. And likewise as with "Grown woman", the version we heard Hennes and Mauritzyoncé perform live acts (for now) as the definitive version of the song.

This particular leak isn't much to get excited about. You don't hear a great deal more than you hear in the H&M commercial aside from a really short second verse and an instrumental passage of the song. And it seems pretty clear that this either an early version of the song or a fan made cut and paste job, as it differs heavily from the version Beyoncé had performed in Belgium. The intro is different, Raggayoncé's rap is omitted, as is the breakdown featuring Mr. Vegas. As I say all this, I wonder why I am even bothering to post this shit.

Word is abound that Timbaland is the producer of this song. There's nothing distinctively Timbo about this production and I never would have thought for a second that he was the producer of the song. So I'm going to be sceptical of piece of information until I see some liner notes or Scamyoncé or Timbaland confirm this themselves. I'm not convinced Timbaland produced this, but I could be completely wrong. And the more I listen to this the more I convince myself that he could have. If I were to have heard the first half of Justin Timberlake's "Pusher love girl" or "Blue ocean floor" prior to knowing Timbaland was involved with them, I never would have thought he had anything to do with either song, so... *shrugs*

And alas, we still await news on a single and that album. Everything is currently pointing towards an end of year release, which may not be as terrible as everybody is making out. Everything Beyoncé has done since her Super bowl performance has essentially been promotion to fuel the release of this upcoming album, so it may work out well in her favour.


  1. I haven't heard ANYONE say Timbaland did Standing On The Sun... Sia already confirmed that she wrote it, and if I remember correctly, Greg Kurstin confirmed indirectly that he produced it (because he said he did a song for Beyonce with Sia).

  2. I actually don't think this song is anything special AT ALL, but I do admit that I actually love Grown Woman after accidentally hearing it on Australian radio. Minus the tired ass female empowerment lyrics of course. But musically I love Grown Woman.

  3. "My THY-EEES are magnified. Blue Ivy was trapped inside."
    "My one piece, coochie eater. So is Jay-z, big lipped surprise."

  4. I know Sia wrote the song. I'd posted as such in my original post on it when the H&M commercial first dropped >

    But the day this song leaked it was everywhere that Timbaland has produced it, and I was like 'Wha-!?' Because as you mentioned, Greg Kurstin was tied to the song.

    I NEED TO SEE LINER NOTES! Just to see the way in which B scams her way into the production credits if nothing else.


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