Listen to... Lady Gaga - Applause

Lady Gaga - Applause

Lady Gaga's brand new lead single from her third studio album Artflop is out for the Monsters to get their paws on. And as much as many of you would probably love for me to cuss this song out, because hating on Gaga is the cool thing to do: I like this song.

I zone out whenever Lady Gaga tries to deliver a song with 'meaning' because it always feels contrived. I have no time for Madonna when she wants to try and get deep and political on a song, so Gaga needs to watch herself. Pop artists should just do Pop songs. Don't try to tell me how to live my life, unless your life advice is to get gang crunked in a club on a weekend and ball out on a budget.

Gaga tries her damnest to slip some message shit into "Applause", but the chorus pretty much overrides what she's saying on the verses to the point where you forget what she was even talking about.

♪ Applowse. Applowse. Applowse. I live for the applowse, 'plowse. Live for the applowse, 'plowse. Live fo' the ♪

The fact that this is the part of the song I can easily remember is fine with me. It's one of the best parts of the song. This and that bit when she starts screaming about making dem hands touch.

I don't think I've liked a Gaga song this much since "Paparazzi". Go Gaga!


InnerRise said…
Don't like it a'tall.
David said…
I've listened to this song a total of six times (not because it's any good, but because I give songs a lot of chances) and when I went through this post I could not remember what this song sounded like. It has no real strong catchy feeling to it. And when you're lady gaga, that's all you have. It's shit.
sweetdorka said…
I like the song. However, I immediately thought of Namie, especially when the chorus came in.
Tiffany Nguyen said…
Finally I found one person that shares the same thought. I keep looking and looking but until now couldnt find the Namie's song that Applause reminds me of. Do you have any recommendation? I just cant get it off my chest. The chorus does feel really familiar.