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MiChi took time from Instagramming pictures of flowers and her drunken homegirls to put out a new double A-side single. One of the tracks being the English language "Saturday night". The song is a complete U-turn from what MiChi has done before. She has ditched the club heaviness of Up to you and the guitar thrashing of Therapy and gone disco instead, because ya know...disco is in right now. Except MiChi pulls this shit off like she wasn't really trying to jump on anybodies bandwagon. Let's all please take a moment to remember MiChi's debut Up to you and how she was on Euro house, EDM, dubstep and 5 minute songs with about 3 beat switches years before your fave started doing it.

I love that MiChi has gone with this as an A-side single, as it's the type of song MiChi usually relegates to B-sides, but I'm not in love with the song itself. I'm still bitter that MiChi didn't release "Sound of love". But it's good to know she's still on her music shit and it's great to hear that she's switched up her sound again.

Let us all put our heads together and pray that MiChi's third studio album is more Up to you and less Therapy. I loved Therapy, but Up to you was perfection and much more unique in its execution of delivering solid start to finish pop songs and typifying that unmistakable MiChi sound.

We should also hope that Sony cough up enough money for a decent music video. Because MiChi has been given 500 yen budgets for every video she's shot so far. I want MiChi in the club wearing that blue suit and showing me MOVES like Capitan Falcon.

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Michele said…
I was a bit worried after the first two digital singles (they're not bad anyway). But thanks to Saturday Night I feel positive about the new album now. Let's hope it's not the last.
Random J said…
I hope she picks the right songs for the final track list of her upcoming album. I liked 'Therapy', but so many of the B-sides she'd recorded for her singles were better than the songs she went with. For her to have left off "All about the girls ~Iijanka party people~" and to have gone with "Wonder woman" instead it's B-side "Strong man" were big mistakes.