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Perfume - 1mm  「LEVEL 3」 | Random J pop

Perfume's Level 3 era has been a grower era for the most part, with their singles and B-sides not instantly catching on for me. I'll confess to having lost some faith in these girls ever since they wrapped up JPN. But this lack of faith turned into full blown belief upon seeing them live during their World tour 2nd, which has now been topped up by the unveiling of a new track "1mm" from their upcoming album Level 3 - a song about Perfume needing big dicks in their lives.

Perfume are serving 80's pop crack, Daft Punk Discovery realness and running around shopping aisles with a trolley just collecting the wigs of every woman they pass. Everything about this song is pure killer and no filler. The song doesn't really switch up in any way, their vocals aren't heavily processed (which seems to be a theme with what we've heard from Level 3 so far) and the tempo is dialled down completely from all of the Level 3 singles and B-sides. If I were to compare it to anything they had done before, I'd compare it to "Spice". Straight 80's pop. All killer, no filler.

Nakata came the fuck through with this joint. Only he could throw Celtic bagpipes and a Kazoo on an 80's synth pop jam and make it work.

Perfume will also be shooting a video for "1mm". There are no plans for it to be a single as of yet, but there will definitely be a video. Can't wait to see my Robohoes step it out to this and work some back and neck during that ♪ Ahhh-ah-ahhhhh-ahhha ♪.

It's hearing jams from Perfume like this that make me completely roll my eyes when we get shit like "Mirai no museum". I know, I know. 'But it was for a kid's TV show', but I don't care. I don't want that shit from Perfume, I WANT DIS!!


At said…
That Nocchi gif is priceless.
InnerRise said…
The fact that this song did't change it up is what made it drone monotonously on.

Like one long exhale that would stop. Breath in betch.
starlightshimmers said…
That's EXACTLY 80's pop, its full on non-stop gangbang no breaks.

People have gotten used to the dance-pop tunes where there's the monotonous verses, then quirky chorus, then a in tune at the pre/post-chorus, then the build-up bridge which leads to a cumtastic climax then the quirky chorus again.

In 80's pop is climax everyday anyday. No breather.
Yama Take said…
She's the happy scalper