Listen to... Britney Spears - Work bitch

Listen to... Britney Spears - Work bitch | Random J Pop

As soon as I'd read that was producing Britney's lead single from her 8th studio album and music critics were describing it as "Scream and shout" part 2. I had zero expectations for this song. Femme fatale left such a sour taste in my mouth, that my expectations for this single were low anyway. The only thing which could have made me pick up my expectations of Shitney's new single from the ashes of her former self when she had fucks to give would be to have heard that Danja was involved with it.

"Work bitch" is the worst single Neglectney has ever released in the entirety of her career thus far. It's barely catchy. The lyrics are shoddily written and feature one syllable too many in places, in which Britney struggles to recite in time with the music. The beat to the song sounds like a generic dance track you would hear in a VH1 documentary where there was not enough budget to secure the right to an actual song. "Work bitch" is completely removed from what a Britney single should be. Catchy, familiar and stand as a good slice of pop. The only reason it will be a hit is because Britney's name is attached to it. I can't believe Larry Rudolph and the folk at Jive even entertained this being a single. It's terrible.

We have all been talking smack about Katy Perry's "Roar" and Lady Gaga's "Applause" - but at least these 2 ladies put out singles which can be constituted as music. "Work bitch" is sub-basic. The silence of Beyoncè's new single is better than this shit.

The audacity that this woman is telling people to do the one thing she hasn't done in 6 years. Work.

Namie and Perfume are slaughtering these hoes with their recent pop offerings. Continual justification as to why J-Pop will always be relevant to me.


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