Listen to... Perfume - Magic of love (DjLizard0's 8-bit remix)

I was quite excited to hear the album mix of "Magic of love" despite not really liking the single. "Magic of love" to me feels incomplete and unrefined - which is the case for both the single version and also the album mix. A strange notion given that Perfume's songs usually feel wholesome and rarely if ever feel lacking where the music is concerned. (Shut up about dem vocals).

The album mix of "Magic of love" isn't worse than the original, but it's not better either. To have expected anything radically different may have been asking too much. The album mixes of singles on JPN didn't do much to elevate what were already stellar mix of songs which did not need to be messed with. All the album mixes did was dilute the original, already definitive versions of the songs. The chords in the intro to "Glitter" on the album mix were amazing, but the song went downhill from there as Yasutaka fucked with the song too much. "Laser beam" featured some hot chopping of beats and vocals on the chorus and some nice additional key changes, but removed the sexy telephone ring-a-ding intro and the bridge section which featured the epic build. "Magic of love" suffers from the short comings of both "Glitter" and "Laser beam". Moments within the song which are better than the original, but too much other stuff done to the mix which cause it to become worse off. I like the intro and also the ending as it makes the song feel like it concludes, as opposed to that abrupt video game 'BONUS STAGE COMPLETE' ending of the original.

With all of the above said, "Magic of love" was written off to me. A lost cause. That was until I came across DjLizard0's 8-bit take on the song, and by golly is it a fucker of a humdinger. FORGET THE SINGLE VERSION AND DAT ALBUM MIX. This is where it's at. "Magic of love" just walked its coloured heel and retro printed self back into relevance, all because of this amazing man and his addiction to chip tunes allowed it to.

Be sure to check out DjLizard0's YouTube channel, where has has a bunch of Perfume remixes, a sexy chip tuned version of "1mm" and even a short 8-bit version of the J-twerk crub banger "Party maker"


  1. Why do I always feel like the only one who's in love with "Magic of Love" how it is? :( The remix was fine, but it really did nothing to the song to make me like it more or less...


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