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Crystal Kay - Dum ditty dumb | Random J pop

Those of you who are following CK on Instagram will be familiar with "Dum ditty dumb" song, as she's Insta'd herself in rehearsals dancing to it and had posted a random video of her and one of her girls acting ratchet in the back of a taxi to it.

When I heard the snippets I was looking forward to hearing this. But now I've heard more of the song, I think it's a bit whack. Crystal's tweets imply that this may not be the final version of the song and there's been nothing official to signify this will be a single. But the fact she's got a dance routine to the song and hit up GoDaddy for a new domain to debut the song means that it was / is being considered for a single. If Crystal thinks she has a chance at a hit with this song in its current state, then she must have been living under a rock named 'denial' for the past 5 months. Because Japan won't have any time for this and neither will America. And if Universal think they have a shot at Europe with this, then they're a pot calling the kettle Amanda Bynes.

I like that CK has decided to go ratchet and I'm digging the swag on the Japanese verses. But the song is big enough and doesn't go anywhere. It's in dire need of more beats, big dirty 808s, some pitched down vocals spouting hood nonsense and for CK's vocals to be chopped and screwed to fuck at some point. If you're going to go hood and go ratchet, then you need to take that shit all the way and go Thelma and Lousie off a cliff-side with it. Crystal is on the right track. She has found a great sweet spot between something American radio could get behind, with a unique twist in the form of the Japanese verses (which could either be seen as really cool and niche, or switch people off completely), but she just needs to make the song sound more explosive and hard hitting. She needs to go holla at Mike WiLL Made It.

I have no words for the artwork or her website. Could CK not have afforded $20 dollars to throw at Squarespace for a nice layout? Gahdamn.


  1. I agree :) I like it and agree 100% with the suggestions he talked about!

  2. Well she did say it was a song she was working on. So we'll see. The site and such, whatever. It's her vision not ours.

  3. Her vision looks a mess and has no budget. This is a problem.

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