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Continuous play albums are a pain in the arse when you want to take select tracks and put them onto your iPod. Tracks start odd because its being mixed in from the previous track (which you can still hear) and ends abruptly because its mixed directly into the next track. Me being so anal about shit like this, I often end up editing the track so that I don't get that mixing in and out shit at the start and end of the track. It really does annoy me.

But in terms of the album listening experience I don't have anything against these types of albums when they are well put together. These albums often have a greater deal of thought put into the track order than most because of a conscious effort being made for the mixes between tracks to feel as smooth and as transitional as possible.

Now, I'll get to the point where this has something to do with Perfume and LEVEL3. My most glaring thought as I listened to the album was that I felt it should have had a continuous mix version. Nakata like his songs to end cleanly. You'll note than not a single song on any of Perfume's albums fades out - they all conclude and end. But the overall vibe of LEVEL3 and several of the tracks sounding like they could have been so obviously mixed together made me wonder. Which then made me think 'FUCK IT!' and mix a few of the songs together.
  1. Spring of life 
  2. Magic of love (Album mix) 
  3. Hurly burly 
  4. Party maker
  5. Spending all my time (Album mix)
♪ Parleee makuugggghh! ♪

Nakata and these bitches ain't lying.


  1. Stop teasing already and show us the review already! LOL

    J/K Great mix ?J! Especially on Party Maker to SAMT; pretty genius! :D

  2. Two questions - 1) why use the single version of Spring of Life when you know the album version kicks ass and 2) where is that review of Level 3? You've kept us stans waiting long enough XD


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